Khermen Tsav is one of must see places of Western Gobi and it located 160 km from west of Gurvan Tes soum town. There are big canyons with tall cliffs with interesting red earth formations stretching about 12km long. Rainfall during summer shapes the canyon more and more over the years of this remoteness, lifeless place.  It is not that easy to reach this place during heat of summer, in July and beginning of August. There are 2 entrances where you can make this tours in the canyons. Higher and lower entrances. The lower entrance is easier to find and follow. Also, you will find nice oasis and sand dunes in 45 km distance. Travelling with good guide to this area safes you time, money and is really recommended. It is a big distance you need to cover to reach this place from nearest towns and go back or travel somewhere else. So, you must have  a good travelling plan to head this area. 

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