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For Custom Tour Mongolia, our specialists will help you with your selections and tailor you the best trip possible. For instance, they can also help you choose your accommodation and activities. Certainly according to your tastes and budget based on their many years of experience.

Above all, on the Custom tour and holidays in Mongolia, Nomadic Trails offers the opportunity to create your adventure of a lifetime!

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Chinggis Khaan Statue Tour Mongolia

Visit the dramatic stainless-steel statue of Chinggis Khan located a 1.5hour drive east of Ulaanbaatar on this full-day Chinggis Khaan Statue tour Mongolia
Custom Tour

Ulaanbaatar City Tour Mongolia

This full-day Ulaanbaatar city tour is filled with the best destinations of the capital. Its purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of Mongolia’s past, present, and future.
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Tailor Made Tour Mongolia

Choose your accommodation, internal airfare, mode of transport, events, activities, and even set your own trip pacing on your Tailor made tour Mongolia to any destination.


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