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Nomadic Trails is adventure travel company, founded in 2004, started with a simple premise, bringing small groups to an amazing locations. Showing our clients staggering scenery and interesting nomadic culture and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them. And it is this ethos that has seen our company grow and our clients return to us again.

We are still proud to be a small and personal company. With the passion we have for what we do, we are very happy – and in fact feel privileged – to be able to provide extraordinary travel experiences.

Create Your Own Trails!


Naraa, Managing DirectorNaraa About us Noamdic Trails

One of tourism consultants in Mongolia, she joined the company in 2004. Outdoor person, being creative, she likes to develop new ideas of itineraries and willing to do more recce trips. 

North Mongolia is to be her one of favorite places by while she rides horse. Incredible team managements she has.

Tulga Mongolian Tour Leader

Tulga, Logistic Manager and tour leader

From the soul of steppe nomads, Tulga grew up in the Gobi area where giant sand dunes, camels and the most hospitable people in the world live! Tulga likes to cheer up his “Wind Horse” (spiritual mind) by riding tough Mongolian horses through the open steppe rather than going to the monastery to pray. Tulga spends a lot of time in the Taiga area of the Siberian Mountains, where he loves to spend time with the reindeer herders learning more about their unique culture.

In his career he has summited Mount Khuiten (4374m), trekked across Potanin glacier, one of the biggest in Mongolia, and cross country dog sledded in –40°C. He is a first rate tour leader and we are proud to call him ‘our man in Mongolia’.

About usBayaraa, North Mongolia logistics and driver

Our man in the north Mongolia,

With his big smile, he controls the whole trip and helps everyone to make it happen.

Amazing driver and fixer. He has been nominating our first rate handler in North Mongolia since 2010. 


Oyo About us Nomadic Trails

Oyo, financial manager

Our financial accounting manager, who is stable and creates a lot of good opportunities for the company.

Loves outdoor, dealing with people is easy for her. 

Happy, optimist and definitely, the one of our most experienced person in the office. 

About us Nomadic TrailsGanaa, our favorite man

Excellent outdoor man with fishing hobby, good sense of humor makes this man our one of top favorite man!

Another excellent driver, easy to communicate with anyone, 

You can see him as driver and local fishing  guide, local fixer too

Where enjoyable tour is around he is always there for you. 

Even he has joined the company 2012, he is one of the leading staff in here


Baatar Ah about us Nomadic Trails

Baatar, one best horse riding trip leaders

Our East Mongolia logistic handling person, horse riding tour leader. Many years of experience is hugely appreciated.

He likes his “Game” in the mountains, even he could count them in numbers in easily. Also, his horses are always in good conditions. Riding his horses across the steppe is so secure. 


Ganaa-horse-guide About UsGanaa, young horse riding guide

Excellent young blood with full of spirit. His experience and big smile makes everything smoother and easier. 

Looks after his horses so well is appreciated by our clients.  

Meet him during your horse riding tours in central part of Mongolia

Enga Nomadic Trails

Enga, office manager

Young traveller, talented tour guide makes her work so easier.

Good communication and skills.

Azaa, logistic manager Azaa about us Nomadic trails

Usually, when you see her, she stays in the office.

As an young tour guide, developing herself so fast, taking tours around Mongolia. 



Puujee cook, About usPuujee, amazing expedition cook

Most of our expeditions to north Mongolia where there are reindeer herders, organized by her and she cooked for numerous trips. 

Excellent food so happy clients all the time, she develops herself  so well. 

Good horse rider and always smiles.

Tsetsgee cook -about us

 Tsetsgee, amazing expedition cook

Without her food expedition cooking is not complete. She has beautiful smiles and cooks excellent food. Amazing salad and poultry dishes plus so good sandwiches she prepares. Everyone enjoys the food she prepares 



Create Your Own Trails!

Nomadic Trails team1

All of our staff are travellers and love to talk about travel. During our office hours there is always someone available to talk through ideas, itineraries and help inspire you.

There are a number of ways to contact us…

Phone: +976 (94252029)

Email: info@nomadictrails.com

Live Chat: Skype:

Office Address: Sukhbaatar District 1 Khoroo Chingis Avenue, Building c-61 5th Entrance 3rd floor #39

Opening Hours

Our office is open at the following times:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Social Media: Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn


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