Traditional Mongolian Folk Concert

The Tumen Ekh traditional Mongolian folk concert is one of the go-to concerts in the capital Ulaanbaatar city. The concert hall is not too far from the main square Sukhbaatar. Travelers can easily reach it on foot while exploring the city center.

Sandra Henri with Nomadic Trails traditional Mongolian folk concert Tumen Ekh
Tumen Ekh Mongolian folk concert

In fact, this concert features various traditional Mongolian arts with skilled performers. The program includes Cham “Tsam” dance, a masked and costumed dance representing several Buddhism deities. Moreover, you enjoy several different types of traditional long singing, throat singing, and musical performances as well. You can also see and hear several Mongolian instruments such as morin khuur played both as accompaniment and solo.

Additionally, the program includes several Mongolian dance performances both traditional and modernized. A beautiful contortionist also mesmerizes the audience with her performance.

To add to the authenticity of a folk ensemble, all performers wear traditional Mongolian clothing.

During the high tourism season depending on the number of spectators, it is held once at 6 pm every weekday. During the low season, you can only see the concert by prescheduling with a certain number of spectators. Spectators can purchase the tickets right before the show.

Tumen Ekh Traditional Mongolian Folk concert long song
Tumen Ekh Traditional Mongolian Folk concert long song

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