List of the Tours I can join here in Mongolia!


 Join Our Local Naadam Festival 9-16 July 2017

Horse race -Local Naadam

  • Local Naadam Festival,
  • Safary tour fore Mountain sheep, cranes and etc.
  • Local home stay
  • We have our own Nomad day – Catching horses- locals will show us how to catch horses, milking the mares, kids wrestling and singing contests for children and many more.


“Reindeer Herders Visit 2017” Tour

Reindeer herders

  • Extraordinary trip to north Mongolia .
  • Dukha or Tsaatan tribe
  • 2 weeks expedition
  • Jeep supported,
  • Tented camping
  • Horse or reindeer riding
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Create Your Own Trails


“Spiritual & Shamanic Tour 2017”

  • Spiritual Shaman Tour
    Mongol Shaman

    “The Horseboy Story” created this journey

  • Healer to healer
  • Shaman to shaman
  • Across the wide Steppe to Taiga
  • Experience this alternative spiritual holiday to the soul of Mongolia’s culture
  • Explore the nuances of beliefs at shamanic ritual
  • Beautiful scenery