Golden Eagle Festival- Altai town | Local Eagle Festival

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For those who enjoy more local/smaller festivals with fewer tourists, just a perfect place with more local people. Colourful festival enjoys full of traditional costumes with Kazakh and Mongolian tribes. This festival has slightly more equine games such as Horse archery, female horse riders competitions. Find out more information.

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All about the Golden Eagle Festival- Altai town | Local Eagle Festival.

Smaller Altai Golden Eagle Festival-Altai town 2020, also known as “Nomadic Games”.

15-16 September 2020 (Actual date for Golden Eagle Festival)

Among those three Golden Eagle Festivals, this “Nomadic Games” festival is the youngest but enjoyed locally in Altai town (5 000 inhabitants), Mongolia.  It is organized by Nomadic Trails company in collaboration with the local Eagle Hunters community the 4th time now in 2020.

This festival is smaller in size than others, by the number of participants of Golden Eagle Hunters, about 35-40 of them will take a part of it. Also,  more activities such as horse archery and other games. We are pretty sure, this festival would allow you a much more local feeling by walking in the local crowds than tourists with big cameras.

Against all comers, it is live tradition- Golden Eagle Festival. just as the winter hinting season is getting underway, golden eagle hunters gather from all over Bayan-Ulgii province (western Mongolia)

Daily Program

  1. Eagle Competition 1 -One of Masters flies eagle to another master (called Berkuchi), while on horseback.
  2. Eagle Competition2. -Master calls eagle while dragging a bait by galloping his horse. Eagle has to catch it.
  3. Tenge Ilu – equestrian competition of snatching coin from the ground
  4. Kiz- Kuar- another equestrian competition of girl catches a man on the horse and whip the man, embarrassed by being kissed
  5. Kuk- Bar or Tug of War-  whole goat skin competition. Another equestrian competition, that each horseman picks up goatskin and other horseman tries to grab it from him. Whoever gets the skin at the end wins
  6. Horse Archery There is an authentic game takes a place in Altay town, Horse Archery. It seems more young people love this amazing competition.

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What to Expect


  •  There are different locations in this itineraries with western Mongolia, Terelj National Park and Ulaanbaatar city.
  •  Light trekking
  • Good walk at the festival area

Physical Requirements

  • You must be able to walk 1.5-5 km unassisted and participate in 5 – 8 hours of physical activities each day.
  • You need to provide your medical and physical ability to our booking department
  • Onward travel arrangements will be at the omitted travellers expense.

Terrain & Transportation

  • Frequent travel in 4×4 Russian or Japanese vehicles over poorly maintained and occasionally nonexistent country roads. There may be no seat belts or simple lap belts
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Hotels in Ulaanbaatar are standard basic, but in many locales, we stay in traditional ger tents, with bath facilities that may or may not be western style as well as shared facilities.

Occasionally we may stay in a camp where the facilities are in the main lodge.

There may be some camping where there are no facilities.

Food and Drinks

However, there aren’t many choices of restaurants and cafes In provincial capital Ulgii, Western Mongolia, “Pamukale”- Turkish, “Arvin”, local restaurants are  recommended. Both restaurants run cafes in their 2 floor for morning breakfasts.

We have excellent cooks who makes a fantastic meals including vegetarian.
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No, There are 3 Golden Eagle Festivals are scheduled over last a few years.

Main Golden Eagle Festival has been running since 1999 and attracted most number of tourist. There will be 90-100 Golden Eagle hunters take a part of this festival and will be more than 2000 tourists visit in each day.

Sagsai or Altan Tsutgz town. This festival has been running for a few years and made itself for quite known locals.  There will be 60-70 Golden Eagle Hunters take a part of this festival and 800-1000 tourists will visit in these 2 days.

Altai Nomadic Games-Golden Eagle Festival

Among those three Golden Eagle Festivals, this “Nomadic Games” festival is the youngest but enjoyed locally in Altay town, Mongolia. It will be 4th year activity, which organized by Nomadic Trails company with collaboration of local Eagle Hunters community, making it as an annual celebration for the future. This festival is smaller size than others, by number of participants of Golden Eagle Hunters, about 35-40 of them will take a part of it. There will be much less tourist visit this festival, because knowing less about this festival.

Altai Nomadic Games-Golden Eagle Festival date is the 3rd weekend of September

19-20 September

Sagsai or Altan Tsugts town Golden Eagle Festival is the second weekend of September

12-13 September

Main Golden Eagle Festival date is almost fixed, which mean beginning of every first weekend of October in each year.

3-4 October 2020

You will have 3.5 hour flight from Ulaanbaatar city to Ulgii town, where the Golden Eagle Festival takes place in western Mongolia.  There are more Kazakh people than Khalkh Mongolians in this town and they have their unique culture. Ulgii town has about 30 thousands inhabitants and also capital of province Bayan-Ulgii.

Bank ATM-s, supermarkets, restaurants, bazaar (open trading market) local museum, shops- you could buy handmade artificial are available. The Ulgii town is located bit higher altitude which is 1710 m above sea level (Ulaanbaatar city is located 1530 m above sea level).

Golden Eagle Festival takes 2 full days including competitions of:

* Golden Eagle Competition – with bait

* Golden Eagle  Competition  – landing on master’s arm while he is galloping horse

* Horse race -It is not a big race, only 10-20 horses will be in the race.

* Camel race– Again, it is rather small, 5-10 camels race in a short distance

* Archery– Pride Mongolians take this part of festival

* Tenge Ilu – equestrian competition of snatching coin from ground

* Kiz- Kuar– another equestrian competition of girl catches a man on the horse and whip the      man, embarrassed by being kissed

* Kuk- Bar– whole goat skin grabbing competition. Another equestrian competition, that each teams try to snatch goat skin and has to deliver it to designated area, or similar to rugby but with horse riding.

Yes, Nomadic Trails staff are well trained and have been working with Golden Eagle masters for numerous years. Arranging good photo setting, choosing right people, visiting exact spot for photo or videoing are part of our precise long time experience.  I would say we have special connection with these Golden Eagle Masters. We also support local community and help local herdsman over the years.

It is either 30 USD or equal local currency Mongolian Tugrik. Please check exchange rate for the day.

Overall Rating
Bruce Miller
Reviewed On 22/11/2019

Tulga and his crew did a great job of organizing this smaller eagle festival. Much more private than the larger well know eagle festivals, this event provided greater access and contact with the eagle hunters. Our wilderness camp was within walking distance of the festival grounds in an open valley near a small stream offering serenity with sweeping views of the valley. The Ger I stayed in was very nice and private. Great cooking staff and food and the opportunity to meet tribal elders and be hosted and entertained by local and regional nomadic eagle hunters. Options for horseback riding and other private eagle hunter encounters. If you are looking for a more intimate eagle festival experience, I highly recommend traveling with Nomadic Trails.