Gobi & Khuvsgul Lake Tour 2020

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15 days/14 nights

One of our best selling tours “Gobi Dessert and Khuvsgul Lake” is attracted by many of our Singaporean groups and some western clients. In all our 15 days of visiting not only beautiful places all over Mongolia but experiencing nomadic culture, horses, yaks, camels and of course goat and sheep herding plus “Airag” fermented mares milk producing and many more.

There will be comfortable ger camps, local hotels or local ger stay choices available for this tour. We have been accommodating our clients with safety & tasty meals of both Asian and European cuisines. Vegetarians are also welcome to this tour!

Adding to this, our excellent service of 4×4 comfortable jeeps & minivans, all of our drivers have experienced and trained for taking any tours. Shorter, 4-7 days Gobi Tours or Khuvsgul Lake tours are also can be arranged.

♥   We are inviting you this fantastic & contrast “Gobi and Khuvsgul Lake Tour” 

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    All about the Gobi & Khuvsgul Lake Tour 2020.

    Mongolia is a destination of many exciting adventures. On this trip you will be visiting to the most recommended places Lake Khuvsgul and Terkhiin Tsagaan, Hot Spa, legendary ancient capital of Mongols- Khar-Khorin, Orkhon River Valley -one of UNESCO heritage protected places and Famous Gobi.

    Tour Highlights: 

    • Epic Scenery of the Gobi.
    • Enjoy warm hospitality of local nomadic families with camels, horses and yaks in different parts of Mongolia.
    • Being part of “Everyday life activities of Nomads ” such as making diary products.
    • Camel riding with view of Sand Dunes.
    • Explore ancient Gobi rock carvings site!
    • Ancient Fossils of Dinosaurs dating back to 90 million years. 
    • Visiting old local temples would give you ideas of nomadic types of architecture in Mongolia. 
    • Wildlife spotting.
    • Enjoy flora and fauna in different parts of Mongolia.
    • Another epic scenery of rich livestock of river valleys in central & north Mongolia.
    • Stunning view of Khorgo Volcano which erupted 5000 years ago.
    • Horse riding along this beautiful pristine Khuvsgul Lake.
    • Short boat trip to a small Reindeer Herder family in the other side of lake.
    • A lot of good opportunities of photographing in this tour.

    Photo: Camel riding in Khongor Sand Dunes

    Trip continues to central part of Mongolia by visiting Kharkhorin town and Erdene Zuu monastery complex, used to be ancient capital of Mongols in the 13th century. But, it is one of collecting towns of Mongolia.  There are a lot of Mongolian history involved in this region. Erdene Zuu Monastery complex is half museum and half live monastery nowadays itself. A good and easy walk involves in here.

    Photo: One of biggest stupas in Mongolia in Kharkhorin Town

    After Kharkhorin town trip continues to more central area, sleeping Volcano Khorgo Mountain and Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake in Khangai Mountain Range, more larch and pine tree populated.

    Photo: Khangai Mountain Range

    We head more north Mongolia for Khuvsgul Lake, pristine clear water lake. It is second biggest lake in Mongolia and deepest one. There are several activities offered in this region such as taking a boat, trekking, horse riding and etc. You will take a internal flight back to Ulaanbaatar city to catch your international flight or train departure.

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    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners according to itinerary
    • All accommodation en route
    • All transportation including jeeps, taxis and coaches
    • Transfer from/to airport
    • Tour guide for entire journey
    • National Park and Museum entrance fee
    • Visiting local family
    • Camel riding
    • Internal flights

    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Travel insurance and other emergencies
    • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
    • Single room accommodations
    • Liquors, beers and bottled beverages
    • Photo fees
    • International flights
    • International train tickets
    • Tips

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    1. Day 1 Ulaanbaatar

      Arrival at the Chingiss Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

      Khuvsgul Lake Hotel Link:

    2. Day 2 Tsagaan Suvarga

      It is a driving day to Gobi. We leave city for open horizon. It is a long drive for the day and Arrive to Tsagaan Suvarga area. It is in the Gobi area with stunning cliffs with beautiful colors.



    3. Day 3 Yol Gorge

      Beautiful day with visiting Yol Gorge. Yol means Lammergeyer vulture, bird of pray. This vulture like any other scavenger vultures, feeding mostly on remains of dead animals and fly with bones drop them to crack for bone marrow.

      It is a good walk in the gorge. There is a lovely spring in the valley, which creates thick ice layers during winter period and lasts till mid summer. We return to our ger camp.


    4. Day 4 Khongor Sand Dunes

      On this beautiful day, we drive through Gobi and canyon of Gobi Altai mountain.  We arrive to Khongor Sand Dunes. Khongor Sand Dune is laid in between 2 mountain and it is 100 km long and 3 km wide and 200 m tall. Sand creates attractive curves and patterns. There is a nice a spring, small Khongor River flows in the area, creating small lake which dries out in the middle of summer. This is a good place to ride a camel and take a pictures.



    5. Day 5 Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs

      After breakfast we drive out to Bayanzag, flaming cliffs. It is known as red cliffs among local people and it is the place which found dinosaur skelletons and eggs being found.  Good walking in the area. Here, best to watch sunset and experiencing red cliffs turn their color.


    6. Day 6 Ongi Monastery

      On this day we head north to Ongi Monastery ruins. We drive on the big open horizon to reach our final destination. This monastery complex was founded in 1660 and housed over 1000 monks its height. It consisted 17 temples and 4 Buddhist universities, considered to be one of largest Buddhist monastery complexes in Mongolia.  Anti-religious communist party decided to demolish monastery complex and executed lamas who were over 18 by the time. We visit to temple which was rebuilt in the 1992.



    7. Day 7 Kharhorin Town

      After breakfast, we drive to Orkhon River valley, one of UNESCO cultural heritage protected places. Because of ancient kings tombs are buried in this river valley. Kharkhorin town is one of collecting towns in Mongolia for wheat, rapeseed and sea back thorn. But it used to be ancient capital of Mongols in the 13th century, Chinggis Khaan decided to have his own capital in his late years. It used to be beautiful town by the time, untill Khubilai khaan king decided to move his capital down to Daidy- Beijing in 1271. Since then, Kharkhorin town lost its importance and destroyed couple of times. Later in the 16th century, one of the kings, Altan Khaan decided to build Buddhist Monastery complex on top of the ruins. This Monastery Complex called Erdene Zuu monastery. Anti-Religious communist party destroyed most of its part.

    8. Day 8 Tsenher Hot Spa

      On this day, we drive through larch and pine tree mountain to get to Hot spa region. This is good drive through river meadow with rich animal populated including yak, horses, sheep and goats. It is +90C degree hot spring coming out from natural source and has piped to a ger camp for +40+60C degree hot water to fill swimming pool.

    9. Day 9 Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake

      After breakfast we head more into central part of Mongolia to visit to Terkhiin Tsagaan lake area. This lake was created by volcanic eruption 5000 years ago. There is a volcano to visit here.

    10. Day 10 Jargalant

      It is a place, halfway up to Khuvsgul Lake region. Another larch tree mountain region with hot spring.  Beautiful flowery land here.

    11. Day 11 Murun Town

      Our trip continues to Murun, provincial capital, inhabitant of 50 000. Good place to stop at supermarket and leave town for ancient deer stone place.

    12. Day 12 Khuvsgul Lake

      After breakfast, we head to Khuvsgul Lake, fresh water and second biggest lake of Mongolia. This Lake was created by tectonic formation about more than 25 million years ago. It is a beautiful lake with a lot of potential for trekking, hiking, walking, horse riding and boat activities.



    13. Day 13 Khuvsgul Lake

      Full day at Khuvsgul Lake for leisure.

    14. Day 14 Khuvsgul Lake-UB

      After breakfast, we drive to Murun town for 1 hour flight to Ulaanbaatar city. Transfer to hotel.

    15. Day 15 Departure

      Transfer to Airport or train station

    Accommodation, Food, Vehicles & other services


    •  There are different locations in this itineraries with western Mongolia, Terelj National Park and Ulaanbaatar city.
    •  Light trekking
    • Good walk at the festival area

    Physical Requirements

    • You must be able to walk 3.5-7 km unassisted and participate in 5 – 8 hours of physical activities each day.
    • You need to provide your medical and physical ability to our booking department
    • Onward travel arrangements will be at the omitted travellers expense.

    Terrain & Transportation

    • Frequent travel in 4×4 Russian or Japanese vehicles over poorly maintained and occasionally nonexistent country roads. There may be no seat belts or simple lap belts
    • During transfers, western style toilet facilities may not be available; however, drivers will make every effort to find suitable rest area stops
    • City travel by air-conditioned vehicle
    • Country travel in Russian or Japanese vans (without air conditioning)
    • 2 internal flights of approx. 3 hours each flight, with luggage restrictions (15kg including hand luggage).

    Flight Information

    Many of our tours run without changes but please be advised that due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances domestic internal flights may not always run to schedule or on time. Your trip leader will keep you informed of any schedule changes as they happen.

    Accommodation & Facilities
    There are more options in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia for better hotel, that we put effort into locating the most appropriate type of accommodation. It will be clean, comfortable, of a high standard and conveniently located where possible. If you would like accommodation for additional nights, we will be happy to arrange this as well. In most of the hotels you may be required to deposit your passport at reception. This is a perfectly normal practice and nothing to be concerned about. Be sure to retrieve it when checking out.

    We stay in traditional ger tents, with bath facilities that may or may not be western style as well as shared facilities in the countryside.

    Please ask, detailed information of Ger camp.

    Food and Drinks

    There are many choices of cuisines are available in Ulaanbaatar city from Mongolian BBQ to Chinese, Korean, Indian, Mexican, Italian and French. There will be pretty simple eastern European type of meals provided such as Gulash, Meatball and more meat dishes. Even, there will be salads available in this tour but less green vegetables. Vegetarians, needed to specify our own meal preferences.

    Book your tour at info@nomadictrails.com

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    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.

    Khongor Sand Dunes in the Gobi.


    We use 4×4 comfortable jeeps.


    There are 2 different internal air companies operating in Mongolia.


    Ger camps conditions are getting better in each year, in terms of facilities and services




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    Food in Mongolia, considered to be meat based, but it has been improved so much with western food.


    Other activities are available, such as renting boat, riding horses etc.

    It is so important aspect of your shoes is that they need to be comfortable you need to be tried and tested. It’s worth taking the time to find out what will work for you specifically. If your boots are lighter it will be more likely they are to fall apart, but the heavier they are the more tired your legs will become and the hotter your feet will be.

    Good sandals or crocs sleepers are also recommended.

    Travelling with your own alcohol will be community sun downer activity. Basically, you are permitted to bring 1L of spirits, 2L of wine per person into Mongolia.

    You are unable to carry alcohol on board any Mongolian domestic flight and any bottles should be wrapped up (in a towel or clothing) and well packed within your suitcase.

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