Reindeer Herder’s Trip | Pictures by Nomadic Trails

Reindeer Herder’s Trip | Pictures by Nomadic Trails

Reindeer Herder’s Trip | Pictures by Nomadic Trails

Picture 1. Tee-pee Skeleton

Reindeer herders, also known is Dukha tribe still live in Tee-pee

 Tee pee

Picture 2. Reindeer herders

There are about 300 indigenous reindeer herders in Mongolia, living in East and West Taiga .

Grandma and boy riding reindeer

Picture 3. Future master of Taiga


Reindeer herder children8

Picture 4. Horse rider in Taiga

All reindeer herders are very good horse riders too.


Picture 5. Reindeer

There are more 1200 reindeer in both East and West Taiga.


Picture 6. Handcrafts & souvenir trading

One of the main income for reindeer herders is handcrafts and souvenir. Reindeer herders skill has been improving a lot over the years.


Picture 7. Visitors in reindeer camp

Shark Tank Kissing outside tee-pee big small

Picture 8. Tents next to Ger

There are many visits stayed with local families in this trip. Clients always enjoyed visiting local herdsmen.

Ger with tents

Picture 9. Tent in the sunset

Tented camping is one of the ways to reach reindeer herders


Picture 10. Migration of reindeer herders

They need to move 4-6 times at least, according to good pasture land for reindeer.


Picture 11. Migration of Reindeer herders

They migrate to higher camp for summer.


Picture 12. Glacier in Taiga


Picture 13. Spring Camp

It is time to baby reindeer come out. Suitable place is Spring camp.

Reindeer camp

Picture 14. Baby reindeer


Picture 15. Reindeer herder

If you are born as reindeer herder forever Reindeer Herder

Purevee dukha

Picture 16.  Taiga future

Reindeer herder children9

Picture 17. Children

Reindeer herder children3

Picture 18. Watching reindeer is essential

Tsetsgee binocular

Picture 19. Reindeer boy


Picture 20. Khuvsgul Lake

Khuvsgul Lake

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