Michel S – Spiritual Shaman Tour Testimonial

The Horse Boy documentary with Nomadic Trails

A one of a kind journey!

I’ve traveled all over the world and have rarely if ever experienced a guide service as thorough, attentive, and capable as Nomadic Trails. Tulga is truly one of a kind. We used Nomadic trails for a one month trip across Mongolia as show in the feature documentary “The Horse Boy.”

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the trip, the incredible experience, the magic – none of it would have been possible without Tulga and his guides.

One thing we didn’t fully show in the film is the friendship that developed between the family, the film crew, and Tulga and his son. He went out of his way to make our vision come to life and was one step ahead of us in every detail of the planning and execution. His passion for Mongolian culture is unparalleled as is his dedication to making your experience one that you will never forget!

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