Custom destinations Mongolia - 1 Day

Firstly, why a custom tour to Mongolia?

Custom tours offer you the advantage of not worrying about not meeting your budget. Not to mention you get to tailor your trip to your preferences. Tour start and end days are flexible. Moreover, you can select the level of your service, for example, requesting a private tour guide, driver, and vehicle.

Custom tours include private airport-hotel transfers, so no waiting long hours at the airport for one. Choose your accommodation, internal airfare, mode of transport, performances, events, activities, and even set your own trip pacing to any Custom destination in Mongolia.

Further, what custom destinations are there in Mongolia?

Many beautiful destinations are not included in our original tours. So we have made sure to include them in the “Be inspired” section of our website We have also made the below list “Custom Destination in Mongolia” of several unique destinations for you to choose from according to your interests. This way we can include them in our original tour suited to your interests or make you a fully Custom tailor-made tour:

  • Monasteries:

Aglag creation Monastery complex located a 2-3 hour drive north of Ub

Amarbayasgalant Monastery located 6-7 hour drive north-west of Ub /requires a 2-day trip/

  • National Parks, Reserves, and natural wonders:

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park located in the far west of Mongolia, west of Ub. /requires a specifically tailored trip/

Khoton Khurgan Lakes located in the far west of Mongolia, west of Ub. /requires a specifically tailored trip/

Khermen Tsav Canyon located a few day’s trip away, southeast of Ub. /requires a specifically tailored trip/

Baga Gazriin Chuluu formation located 4-5 hour drive south of Ub.

  • Museums of the capital:

The Fine Arts of Zanabazar museum

The Bogd Khan Palace museum

Central Dinosaur Museum of Mongolia

For more about our original tour destinations, click “Be inspired“.

Choose your custom destination in Mongolia and create your adventure of a lifetime!



Trip information and facts

  • 4x4 vehicle
  • 1
  • Depends on the destination and season
  • All 4-seasons
  • With professional tour guide
  • Can be included upon request