Horse Riding Tour Mongolia - 15 Days

Ride your Mongolian steeds through the beautiful Northern parts of Mongolia during this 15-day Horse Riding adventure tour.

This journey offers stunning picturesque destinations such as Lake Khuvsgul. We will ride through the colorful valleys and hills of the Darkhad depression, rich with hundreds of freshwater lakes and rivers. Spend your nights under the starry open night sky of Mongolia with your tented camp surrounded by the wilderness.

Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture while staying with the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders tribe at their Autumn camp in Taiga and enjoy the hospitality of a local nomad herder family.

Charming Mongolian horses are capable of great speed and endurance on different terrains, both mountain and steppe roads. And these horses will be your trusted companions for the duration of your journey around the wilderness of Mongolia.

Create your adventure of a lifetime with our Horse riding adventure tour Mongolia!

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Trip Details

This particular itinerary is suitable for local weather and conditions between August 1st – October 1st in Mongolia. For a Summer Horse Trekking Tour, contact us at with your inquiry.

Trip Highlights

  • Epic scenery of southern edge of Siberia
  • Mongolian Horse riding along this beautiful lakes, stunning pine tree mountains and open big meadows.
  • Visit a local nomadic family with horses and other livestock.
  • Enjoy the warm hospitality of the Reindeer tribe of the Taiga
  • Being part of “Everyday life activities of Nomads ” such as making diary products.
  • Explore ancient rock carvings site and historical sites!
  • Wildlife spotting at all our destinations rich with fauna


Day 1
Ulaanbaatar City

This day is our international arrival day. Depending on your arrival time we can visit the National history museum with priceless treasures of Mongolian history. We will also visit and explore around the main square of Ulaanbaatar city called Sukhbaatar square located a short walking distance away from our hotel. An authentic folk concert is available in the evening.
Welcome dinner.

📍 Overnight hotel

Day 2
Ulaanbaatar / Murun town / Khuvsgul Lake

This morning we transfer to the airport and take a flight to Murun town, the center of Khuvsgul province in the northern parts of Mongolia. It takes 1 hour. Here, we visit the town and supermarket for some snacks and refreshments and drive to Khuvsgul Lake.

📍 Overnight tented camping

Day 3
Har Us Spring

Today we meet our horses and ride along the shores of Khuvsgul Lake. This amazing lake is the deepest lake in Mongolia. We begin our journey by adjusting to the horse riding tempo as well as getting used to our short-stature Mongolian horses.

📍 Overnight tented camping

Day 4
Har Us Spring - Mogoit river

After breakfast we start riding deep into the mountain valleys, crossing rivers as we make our way slowly towards the Jigleg Pass. With our vehicles departing before us we will travel with our horses and our one-day worth of supplies. Tonight we’ll set up camp next to a small river just before the pass.

📍 Overnight tented camping

Day 5
Mogoit river - Jaraahai river

This morning after a hearty breakfast, we will start our way towards and through the Darkhad Depression. This amazing ecologically unique location is rich with hundreds of freshwater lakes and rivers. We ride through the Siberian Taiga, the forested area of Mongolia.

📍 Overnight tented camping

Day 6
Jaraahai River - Sharga River Valley

This day we will continue our journey riding through the Darkhad depression with countless mountains and flower valleys as our horse riding scenery. We will set our camp near the Sharga river valley for the night.
Night horse riding can only be done if conditions are met and interest warrant. Night riding is an interesting aspect of horse riding as we can ride horses under the billions of stars of the sky!

📍 Overnight tented camping

Day 7
Sharga River Valley - Hogorog River Valley

Continuing through the beautiful Darkhad depression this day we will visit a nomadic family with livestock in Hogorog River Valley. Be a part of the locals’ culture. For the night, we will be staying in Ger – Mongolian traditional dwelling, built by the local family.

📍 Overnight Ger stay

Day 8
Khogorog River Valley - East Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp

Our day starts early, riding towards Taiga, the region where part of the Tsaachin or Reindeer communities lives. You will be introduced to the amazing world of the reindeer-herding people, talking with the local people and understanding their local culture and how they have managed to maintain such a traditional way of life for so long.

Spend this day staying amongst the Tsaachin people and experience their everyday life. Learn of their unique traditions such as milking reindeer and processing milk products like cheese.

📍 Overnight tee-pee

Day 9
East Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp - Hogorog River Valley

After saying our farewell to the tribe people, we start our journey back to the Hogorog river valley while taking in the beauty of the larch forest and wildflower patches. We continue our riding journey farther to Dood Tsenher Lake and set out our camp for the night.

📍 Overnight tended camping

Day 10
Dood Tsenher Lake - Tsagaan Nuur town

This morning we’ll ride to see the ancient petroglyphs found in this region. Picnic lunch near a channel connecting two big lakes, one of which is Dood Lake, the other Deed Lake. We then continue our ride to Tsagaan Nuur town, the northern-most town of Mongolia.

📍 Overnight tended camping

Day 11
Tsagaan Nuur town - Hogiin River

After breakfast we ride along the mountains, passing through a rich valley of animals including sheep and goats, yaks, cows, and horses.
After a picnic lunch, we continue riding to Hogiin River valley near which we set out our camping for the night.

📍 Overnight tended camping

Day 12
Hogiin River - Bayan Mountain

Today we’ll ride out and head into the mountains that overlook the lake. We make our way slowly to the top of the pass while enjoying the incredible views. We then ride to the canyon of Ar Bosgot or heaven door as locals call it. Arriving at our camp, we’ll say goodbye to our trusted horses.

📍 Overnight tended camping

Day 13
Bayan Mountain - Murun town

Today, we start our drive via two passes to Murun town after breakfast. From the two passes, we will stop at one, where at the 13 Ovoo or the shamanic offering place we can offer some rice or milk for a good journey back. Driving further we return to Murun town and stay at a local hotel overnight.

📍 Overnight local hotel

Day 14
Murun town - Ulaanbaatar

Early start with breakfast and drive to Murun town to take an internal flight to Ulaanbaatar. We transfer to the hotel and free afternoon with some souvenir shopping and more. With a farewell dinner, we conclude our horse riding journey through Mongolia.

📍 Overnight hotel

Day 15
International departure

We will transfer you to your international departure.


  • • All meals mentioned
  • • All Transports mentioned including the local flights
  • • All accommodation mentioned
  • • Trip Leader/Guides: Professional English speaking tour guide
  • • Airport transfers
  • • Staff meals, accommodation, and other expenses where applicable.
  • • Entrance fees: Entry fees to museums, concerts, monasteries, national parks, and road charges for tourists, staff, and vehicles are also included.
  • • Others: Company support letter to apply for Mongolian visas.


  • • Airport taxes and excess baggage charges
  • • Alcoholic beverages and special diets
  • • Inoculations and personal insurances
  • • International flights and cost of visas
  • • Optional tours and extensions
  • • Personal expenses i.e. telephone calls, laundry, email, fax, room services.
  • • Personal items and sleeping bags if camping
  • • Single room supplement and sleeping bags
  • • Tips and gratuities
  • • Video recording or photography fees at sights

Our most asked questions and answers

Will I be using Mongolian saddles for this horse riding tour?

No. We will be using western-like saddles.

Do I need to bring special equipment for the horse riding tour?

Horse riding needs some equipment for sure.

Please check our provided equipment list for basic horse riding. It is recommended to bring good quality riding boots, rain jacket, riding gloves, windproof jackets among others. No need to bring saddle or bridles, since we provide comfortable western-like saddles, and horses are taken good care of by our horse guide. You could bring the following if you wish:

*Own helmet (we do offer them).

*Small size saddle bag for your drinking water or other accessories.

*Saddle pads

How many hours will be the horse riding in one day?

There are hours that we limit for riding horses. Each trip is a bit different from another, depending on weather seasons, in so we ride from 2-8 hours including breaks and meals. There will be activities where we stop at local herdsmen or sightseeing still count as riding hours.

I don't want to ride a horse, but I still want to go on the tour with my friend/family. What can I do?

Our wide variety of choices would allow you to do other activities while your friends enjoying horse riding, like fishing in separate, photo shooting, hiking in the terrain will be easily done.

Will I be using Mongolian saddles for the horse riding?

No, it is not a choice for our riders. We carefully select western type saddle for our travelers’ comfort.


Trip information and facts

  • 3000 USD
  • 2-12
  • Local vehicle, Local flight, Mongolian horse
  • Hotel, ger camp, mostly in tented camp
  • Moderately high
  • August 1st - October 1st
  • 2-8 hours on days mentioned
  • Two to and fro Murun town and UB city