Winter Reindeer Herders Mongolia Tour - 9 Days

This Winter Reindeer Herders Mongolia Tour 8-night 9-day trip to the Reindeer herders has been one of the Nomadic Trails’ signature tours since 2007. Whenever the cold weather swings around, our travel daydreams tend to fluctuate between two very different types of vacations.

Famous sites include the frozen Khuvsgul Lake and Ulaan Taiga National Park where Reindeer Herders Tribe are but truly, every single acre of the park is worth seeing in person. Visit during the winter to avoid the crowds and see the landscapes fill with steam from the thermal features.

Unravel history, culture, and the way of life of the Dukha that still remains largely an enigma. A rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient culture and wisdom of the Dukha people. During our Winter Reindeer Herders tour, you will spend 2 unforgettable days at a Dukha winter settlement; a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient culture and wisdom of the Dukha. Gain insight into relationships between the Dukha and their reindeer.

Create your adventure of a lifetime with Nomadic Trails!

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Tour details


Trip Highlights

  • Epic scenery of snowy southern edge of Siberia
  • Witness the winter life of a nomad Reindeer herder Tribe
  • Enjoy the hospitality of a local family
  • Be a part of “ Everyday life activities of Nomads”, such as making dairy products
  • Meet face to face with the reindeer tribe shaman
  • Relax with the stunning view of Khuvsgul Lake, the blue Pearl of Mongolia
  • Go Horse Sledding with us on the translucent ice of the blue Pearl of Mongolia


Day 1
Ulaanbaatar City

We meet you upon arrival and transfer to the hotel. Depending on your arrival time we will visit the National History Museum with priceless treasures.
Welcome dinner.

📍 Overnight hotel

Day 2
UB - Murun town

This morning we transfer to the airport and take a flight to Murun town, the center of Khuvsgul province in the northern parts of Mongolia. It takes 1 hour. Here, we visit the town and supermarket for some snacks and refreshments and return to our local hotels.

📍 Overnight local hotel

Day 3
Murun town - Ulaan Uul town

On this day we are driving through Mountainous areas to Ulaan Uul town. This day visit to main Ovoo, where we can make an offering. Then we will be in the Darkhad Depression, where there are more than 300 lakes and big rivers. We arrive at Ulaan Uul town and transfer to the log cabin in the National Park Rangers station.

📍 Overnight log cabin

Day 4
Ulaan Uul - Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp

Continuing through the beautiful Darkhad depression yet again the landscape unfolds dramatically right before your eyes as we transition from steppe to mountains and forest. We pass Tsagaan Nuur town on the way to reach Taiga.
We transfer to local huts or Tee-pee there. We meet with the local reindeer herders and reindeer milk time.

📍 Overnight huts

Day 5
Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp

Spend this day staying amongst the Tsaachin people and experience their everyday life.
Enjoy the tribe hospitality by talking with the local people and understanding their local culture and how they have managed to maintain such a traditional way of life for so long. Take in the beauty of the snow-covered forest.

📍 Overnight huts

Day 6
Khatgal town

We say goodbye to our reindeer families and have an exciting 8-9hour drive across Darhad Depression and head to Khuvsgul Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia. Khuvsgul often called “The Blue Pearl of Mongolia” lies in the Siberian plain south of the Russian border.
This gorgeous lake is frozen for almost half of the year. It is surrounded by forests of pine trees and meadows. Depending on ice density, we may drive on the frozen lake along the shoreline.

📍 Overnight local hotel

Day 7
Murun town

We stay all day at the frozen lake. Taking a walk on the ice is fantastic and we will be doing Horse Sledding on the ice for 1 hour.
After lunch, we head back to Murun town. After our arrival, we transfer to the hotel, and an overnight Hot shower is available at the hotel.

📍 Overnight local hotel

Day 8
Murun/ Ulaanbaatar

Early start with breakfast and drive to Murun town to take an internal flight to Ulaanbaatar. We transfer to the hotel and free afternoon with some souvenir shopping in the National Department store and more. Farewell dinner.

📍 Overnight hotel

Day 9

We will transfer you to your international departure.


  • • All meals mentioned
  • • All Transports mentioned
  • • All accommodation mentioned
  • • Trip Leader/Guides: Professional English speaking tour guide
  • • Airport transfers
  • • Staff meals, accommodation, and other expenses where applicable.
  • • Entrance fees: Entry fees to museums, concerts, monasteries, national parks, and road charges for tourists, staff, and vehicles are also included.
  • • Others: Company support letter to apply for Mongolian visas.


  • • Airport taxes and excess baggage charges
  • • Alcoholic beverages and special diets
  • • Inoculations and personal insurances
  • • International flights and cost of visas
  • • Optional tours and extensions
  • • Personal expenses i.e. telephone calls, laundry, email, fax, room services.
  • • Personal items and sleeping bags if camping
  • • Single room supplement and sleeping bags
  • • Tips and gratuities
  • • Video recording or photography fees at sights

Our most asked questions and answers

Could you describe our trip accommodation?

We will be staying two nights in the Taiga where we will be sleeping in tee-pee but stove heated Huts are available, for local hotels, in Murun town for 2 nights and in Ulaan Uul town for 1 night in a log cabin.

What will I be eating during the trip?

Our professional expedition chef will be preparing both Mongolian and European cuisine for you. Depending on the itinerary of the day for example with lengthy driving, we will also be eating a picnic lunch. Please don’t forget to write in our passenger list about your dietary requirements and allergies.
We will be providing you with mineral water, tea, and brewed coffee, but soda and juice will not be provided.

Can I buy reindeer milk and cheese?

Reindeer produce very little milk, so you cannot purchase it. But not to worry, you can still drink reindeer milk tea made by a local reindeer family.
Some families with many reindeers sell cheese, so when you meet such families you can ask them to buy some.

What more can I do throughout the tour?

In the mornings, if you get up early, you can go on a walk, meditate or even read books.
During our drives, you will see stunning landscapes. You will witness the stunning view of mountains of unique formation, serene lakes, and frozen rivers. Sipping wine near a bonfire in the evenings, sharing memorable moments from our trip, observing the starry sky is indeed a moment one can simply enjoy.

Do we have a tour guide?

Our certified Tour Leaders and Tour guides who have been trained by the Mongolian Professional Tour Guide Association will be with you for the duration of the trip.

Is there an opportunity to ride a reindeer?

After we ask the owner first, we can ride a reindeer for a short amount of time.

What is the baggage allowance for the local flight?

The baggage allowance for the local flight is 15kgs in total:
10kg for check-in luggage and 5kg for hand luggage.

How much do I have to pay for excess luggage weight?

For extra luggage, you pay 3000-5000 Tugriks (local currency) per extra kilogram.


Trip information and facts

  • 1800
  • 2-12
  • 4x4 Jeep
  • Hotels, local hotels and huts/tee-pees
  • Moderate
  • Winter
  • None
  • Two flights to and from Murun town and UB city