Destination: Khermen Tsav Canyon

Khermen Tsav Canyon is one of the must-see places of Western Gobi in Mongolia.

This wonder of nature is located 160 km from the west of Gurvan Tes soum town. With dramatic big canyons and tall cliffs, these interesting red-colored earth formations stretch about 12km long.

Rainfall during summer shapes off parts of this formation as the years pass. Khermen Tsav is quite remote and barren.  It is not an easy destination to reach by any means, especially during the peak of summer heat in July and the beginning of August.

There are 2 entrances where you can explore these amazing canyons: higher and lower. The lower entrance is easier to find and follow than the higher one.

At Khermen Tsav Canyon, you will find a nice oasis and sand dunes within 45 km of distance. Traveling with a good tour leader and guide to this area is highly advised. Travel experts will save you time, money. They also offer you safety as you need to cover a big distance devoid of any settlements to reach this place from the nearest towns. So, you must have a good traveling plan to head to this area.

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