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Our travel experts will help create an exceptional journey according to your vision. With 18 years of experience, the Nomadic Trails team will carefully plan
Horse riding tour Mongolia
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Horse Riding Mongolia – A journey off the beaten track

Visit the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders while riding your trusted steeds through untouched land during this Horse Riding Mongolia adventure tour
Dukha Reindeer Herders Tour Autumn view with Tee-pee
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Dukha Mongolian Reindeer Herders Tour

Experience the hospitality and the nomadic culture of the Dukha Mongolian Reindeer Herders at the secluded Taiga in Northern Mongolia.
Shaman drumming during sunset
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Shaman Tour Mongolia – Spiritual Healing Journey

A life-changing spiritual journey to the Mongolian wilderness where you heal your body and soul while enjoying the hospitality of a shaman.
Winter reindeer herders tour Mongolia
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Nomadic Reindeer Herders – Dukha Winter Adventure

This Winter journey to visit the Reindeer People Mongolia offers both comfortable traveling conditions as well as an adventure of a lifetime. Unravel history…
Gobi Mongolian sunset with camel caravan
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Across Mongolia – From the Mongolian Desert to Khuvsgul Lake

Highlights of this Gobi and Khuvsgul lake tour are the many natural wonders of both Gobi and Taiga and the ancient capital of Mongols, Kharkhorin.
Wrestler customary circling of flag at Naadam Festival
Cultural Tour Mongolia

Naadam Festival Tour Mongolia 2022

Visit the Golden Gobi, the ancient capital of Mongols Kharkhorin, and discover nomadic culture first-hand by visiting the Naadam Festival Tour Mongolia 2022.
Young Mongolian Eagle Huntress Zamanbol
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Eagle Festival Mongolia 2022 – Altai town

This local Golden Eagle Festival in September 15-16, 2021 and 2022 is perfect for an up-close experience with both the locals and the tournaments.
Golden eagle festival parade
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Main Golden Eagle Festival Tour 2022

Find out 2021 Golden Eagle Festival dates, locations and the best offered itinerary. It is one of the must see festivals organized in Asia.
Mounted archery lessons - Adventure tour Mongolia
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Mongolian Mounted Archery Tour

Learn horse riding, Mongolian archery from the foundation level and combine these practices into traditional Mongolian horse archery on this adventure tour.
Mongolian Dukha Kope riding reindeer
Tours for EXPATS in Mongolia

Winter Reindeer Tour for Expats in Mongolia

Winter Reindeer Tour for Expats in Mongolia is now a special offer to you and your loved ones to make unforgettable holiday memories in the
short tour mongolia to khustai national park - takhi horses with winter scenery
Short Tour Mongolia

Kharkhorin & Hustai National Park Tour

This short trip takes you on a journey to the ancient capital of Mongols, Karakorum, and the Hustai National Park where Przewalski horses.
Genghis khan statue complex at Tsonjin Boldog
Short Tour Mongolia

Genghis Khan Statue Tour

Visit the dramatic Genghis khan statue located a 1.5hour drive east of Ulaanbaatar on this one-day tour. Explore the Aryapal Meditation Monastery
Gandan Monastery Main Monastery exterior - Sandra Henri
Short Tour Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

This full-day Ulaanbaatar city tour is filled with the best destinations of the capital. Its purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of Mongolia’s past, present, and future.

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horse riding through flower valley in Mongolia - horse riding tips featured image

Adventure Tour Mongolia

Eagle master Dalaikhan

Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Naadam Festival Mongolian horse race

Cultural Tour Mongolia

Gandan Main monastery - Sandra Henri

Short Tour Mongolia

Malchin peak Tavan Bogd Mount

Tailor-Made Tour Mongolia

Ice Festival Tour 2022 Nomadic Trails clients with Tour Leader

Tours for EXPATS in Mongolia

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Gobi Mongolian sunset with camel caravan
Southern Mongolia
Central Mongolia
Central Mongolia
Altai tavan bogd national park local family ger
Western Mongolia
Khuvsgul Lake Blue pearl stunning view
Northern Mongolia
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park glacier
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
Amarbayasgalant monastery Lamas chanting
Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Flaming cliffs Mongolia during the evening
Flaming Cliffs Bayanzag
Genghis khan statue complex at Tsonjin Boldog
Genghis khan statue