We’re a local Mongolian tour operator with over 15+ years of experience!

Nomadic Trails is an adventure travel company founded in 2004.

We specialize in Custom tours and Original small group tours to unique destinations all around Mongolia. We introduce travelers to authentic nomadic culture and other fragile cultures here while raising awareness through low-impact experiences and ethical business.

Create your own Trails with us!

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► Signature tours, our most sought out tours with must-see destinations.

► Adventure tours, filled with our most popular adventure elements such as horse-riding, Mongolian traditional archery, tented camping in the wilderness, and hiking, trekking in the stunning natural scenery of Mongolia.

► Cultural tours, where you immerse yourself with the local people enjoy traditional Festivals, and learn from the lifestyle and traditions of the local people and fragile cultures.

► Custom Tailor-made tours, where our travel specialists will guide you through each step of the process of creating a distinctive tour just for your needs.

► Short tours, with destinations that can be easily visited in 1-2 days, perfect for a pre or post-tour extension.

Why travel with us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should travel with Nomadic Trails.


Nomadic Trails is a well-established adventure tour operator. We are one of the ``A`` licensed tour companies in Mongolia that has successfully been operating for more than 15 years.


Our unique, original itineraries – whether they are for small group travel or individually created for our tailor-made clients – allow you to take journeys that venture beneath the surface of the region.


We're a local travel agency. As a part of our ongoing commitment to our work in Mongolia and vulnerable communities we visit, we have established the Nomadic Trails Foundation to support to locals. When you book with us, you also get best possible price, which is middle-man free.


Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirements so that you have a memorable trip.

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