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Responsible Travel

We have been committed to responsible travel since the very beginning. We have also established the Nomadic Trails Foundation to support local community projects in the destinations we organize our tours.

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Community Support

As a part of our ongoing commitment to our work in Mongolia and vulnerable communities we visit, Nomadic Trails is supporting Reindeer Tribe in North Mongolia.

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Veteran Tour Operator

As a well-established adventure tour operator, Nomadic Trails is one of the ``A`` licensed tour companies that has also been operating for more than 15 years in Mongolia.

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Passionate, honest experts

After more than a decade in business and traveling to our destinations, we have developed a deep knowledge and formed relationships with the most impressive experts in their fields.

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Flexible and hassle free

Everything is tailored to your exact needs and tastes, and we will keep tweaking and adapting them until it feels just right.

Our Best Selling Tours

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