Destination: Taiga

Taiga is a secluded wonder of nature located in the northern parts of Mongolia.

The Tsaachin people, or the reindeer-herding people, the primary inhabitants of the Taiga are divided into two parts, east taiga Tsaatan, and west taiga Tsaatan. The reason for this division is the river, Shishged, during the warm season divided the land and was impossible to cross. This gradually led to the division of the Tsaatan tribes.

There are 24-26 families with a population of 400 people living near the Russian and Mongolian borders at the Taiga. The Border was closed in the late 1950s and those ones who were traveling back forth couldn’t travel to each side and a few people left on the Mongolian side.

The two banks of the River Shishged are now called East and West Taiga.

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