Terelj National Park

gorkhi-terelj national park
Gorkhi-terelj national park

Gorkhi – Terelj national park is one of the Mongolian parks which you can reach from Ulaanbaatar city with an easy 1-2hour drive on tarmac road. This destination enchants with its beautiful scenery of granite mountains with rich larch and birch tree forests.

Terelj National Park is one of the most popular destinations for locals and travelers alike. Thus the park has several ger camps, both regular and luxurious. Regular ger camps consist of Mongolian traditional dwelling, while luxurious camps often have a modern twist incorporated into their accommodation.

Ger camp at Terelj National Park
Regular Ger camp at Terelj National Park

Additionally, the area itself is a very optimal destination for various activities. When you travel further into the park’s area, there are plenty of lovely areas for walking and hiking. The park is also quite well known for its unique rocky formation. More specifically “Turtle rock” with several myths and legends surrounding it. Near Turtle rock, there are often horsemen that offer horseback riding to travelers and locals. Also, the ger camps often offer horse riding as well.

As you can easily reach the park even during winter, doing winter activities is also possible. For example, dog sledding, horse sledding, etc

You will also find other wonderful destinations inside the area of the national park. The Aryapal Meditation Monastery and Gunjiin Sum to mention a few. Both offer insight into architecture as well as Buddhism.

Aryapal Meditation Monastery Mongolia
Aryapal Meditation Monastery Mongolia

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