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Best Selling Tour Mongolia are tours filled with must-see, and sometimes lesser-known destinations. These tours define the essence of Nomadic Trails, a Mongolian Tour Operator as a whole. Consequently, these tours are our most sought tours from the 15+ years of our operation. The essence of Nomadic Trails is first and foremost, Responsible Travel which coincides with Responsible Business. All our adventures are designed with the local culture, people, and ecosystem in mind and provide ethical business for people from lesser-known areas with so much to offer. Guiding travelers through the fragile regions of Mongolia, if not handled responsibly, can have a detrimental impact. As a result, we go to great lengths to minimize the negative and accentuate the positive.
Eagle master Dalaikhan

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eagle photography tour
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia 2024 -2025 Locally enjoyed festival

This local Golden Eagle Festival in September 15-16, 2023 is perfect for an up-close experience with both the locals and the tournaments.
Golden eagle festival parade
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Golden Eagle Festival Tour 2024

Find out 2021 Golden Eagle Festival dates, locations and the best offered itinerary. It is one of the must see festivals organized in Asia.
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Reindeer Tour Mongolia or Tsaatan, Dukha Reindeer Tribe

Experience the hospitality and the nomadic culture of the Dukha Mongolian Reindeer Herders at the secluded Taiga in Northern Mongolia.
Walking on Sand dunes in Gobi
Best Selling Tour Mongolia

Gobi & Khuvsgul Lake Tour Mongolia

Highlights of this Gobi and Khuvsgul lake tour are the many natural wonders of both Gobi and Taiga and the ancient capital of Mongols, Kharkhorin.
Mongolian shaman
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Spiritual and Shaman Tour Mongolia 2024

A life-changing spiritual journey to the Mongolian wilderness where you heal your body and soul while enjoying the hospitality of a shaman.