Destination: Aglag Buteel Monastery Complex

Lama Purevdorj, one of the “creation” lama’s, initiated and founded the Aglag Buteel Monastery Complex in Mongolia in the middle of the 2010s. This complex is located 100km north of Ulaanbaatar city in a peaceful pine-wood mountain.

This destination consists of several unique places you can visit within walking/hiking distance from each other. Therefore, it makes a perfect one-day tour for travelers as well as locals.

An example of these places is firstly the main temple – “Creation temple”. It holds unique and weird creations and displays of tanka, spiritual animals, and other creations related to religion and beliefs.

There are also trails that lead you around the Aglag Buteel Monastery complex. With these trails, you can reach the top of granite hills with several full carvings of Buddha, White Tara, Green Tara, and many other deities and protectors. Some unique rocky formations also are scattered along the way.

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