Horse Archery Mongolia 2024 Tour


Welcome to Mongolia, a country celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking natural landscapes. Embark on a transformative 9-day journey, designed to offer a distinctive exploration of the expansive Mongolian Steppe and an introduction to the ancient art of horse archery. Delve into the heart of Mongolian tradition, where horse archery has been a revered practice passed down through generations, providing an exhilarating experience for those seeking cultural immersion.

Upon your arrival in Ulaanbaatar on the first day, you’ll kick off your adventure with a visit to the impressive Chinggis Khaan Statue before transitioning to Erdene town for an unforgettable tented camping experience. The itinerary unfolds with a captivating horse riding expedition to the 13th Century Complex, coupled with an evening of archery practice.

Over the ensuing days, traverse the Mongolian Steppe astride a horse, making pit stops at local families for tea breaks and spending serene nights camping by the riverside. Embrace the unique opportunity to refine your horse archery skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor, all while observing the diverse wildlife, including mountain sheep and birds, thriving in their natural habitat.

On the sixth day, return to Ulaanbaatar city for a comprehensive city tour, exploring prominent landmarks such as the main square, Gandan Monastery complex, and the history museum. The itinerary then circles back to the horse archery practice field for a full day of skill refinement, culminating in an overnight stay in a traditional Mongolian ger.

As the adventure draws to a close on the final day, relish the opportunity for some morning practice before bidding farewell to Ulaanbaatar city. Conclude your journey with a memorable farewell dinner and an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel. This meticulously crafted itinerary promises a singular chance to immerse yourself in Mongolian culture and savor the thrill of horse archery amid the stunning and distinctive landscapes.

Capture the essence of the Mounted archery tournament through our video montage. Forge your own trails with Nomadic Trails and make indelible memories of a lifetime.


  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia, from the iconic Chinggis Khaan Statue to visits to local nomadic communities.
  • Horse Archery Practice: Hone your horse archery skills through intensive and personalized practice sessions led by experienced instructors in stunning camp locations.
  • Wildlife Observation: Embark on an adventure to observe wild horses in their natural habitat, adding a unique and unforgettable dimension to your Mongolian experience.
  • Nomadic Herding: Connect with local nomads, experiencing their herding traditions firsthand. Gain insights into their daily lives and form meaningful connections with the Mongolian community.
  • International Horse Archery Competition: Compete alongside participants from around the world in a thrilling two-day international horse archery competition. Showcase your skills and celebrate the camaraderie of this unique global event.
  • Scenic Transitions: Explore the diverse landscapes of Mongolia, from the vast Mongolian Steppe to the cultural hub of Ulaanbaatar, creating a visually captivating journey.


Day1. Aug 30 Ulaanbaatar
Day2. Sep 1 Altanbulag Camp
Day3. Sep 2 Altanbulag Camp
Day4. Sep 3 Altanbulag camp
Day5. Sep 4 Ulziit Camp
Day6. Sep 5 The competition
Day7. Sep 6 The Competition
Day8. Sep 7 Ulaanbaatar
Day9. Sep 8 Departure



Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your accommodation to freshen up after your journey.

Begin your exploration with a visit to the imposing Chinggis Khan Statue. Marvel at the grandeur of this iconic monument, paying homage to Mongolia’s legendary leader.

Enjoy a welcome dinner in Ulaanbaatar, savoring traditional Mongolian cuisine. Take this opportunity to meet your fellow participants and the organizers of the horse archery expedition.
Rest and recharge at your accommodation, preparing for the exciting days ahead.
This initial day provides a gentle introduction to the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia, setting the stage for the upcoming horse archery adventure. It allows participants to acclimate to the local surroundings and connect with the historical roots of the region.


After breakfast, depart for Altanbulag Camp, situated in the picturesque Mongolian landscape.
Arrive at Altanbulag Camp and settle into the surroundings. Take part in an orientation session to familiarize yourself with the camp facilities and horse archery equipment.
Engage in a day of intensive horse archery practice, guided by experienced instructors. Learn and refine your skills in the art of horse archery.

Immerse yourself in the nomadic way of life by participating in herding activities alongside local nomads. Gain insights into their traditional practices and form connections with the local community.

Enjoy a communal dinner at the camp, sharing stories and experiences with fellow participants. Take in the serene ambiance of the Mongolian Steppe as the sun sets.

Experience a night under the starlit Mongolian sky in a traditional ger, a portable dwelling used by nomads. Embrace the tranquility of the surroundings and prepare for another exciting day of adventure.


Begin the day with a hearty breakfast at Altanbulag Camp, energizing yourself for the day’s activities.
Resume horse archery practice, building on the skills learned on the previous day. Receive personalized guidance from skilled instructors to enhance your proficiency.
Continue practicing horse archery techniques, focusing on accuracy and control. Engage in friendly competitions with fellow participants to add an element of excitement and camaraderie.
Take breaks to interact with the local nomadic community, deepening your understanding of their herding practices and daily lives.
Enjoy a delicious lunch at the camp, featuring traditional Mongolian dishes. Take time to relax and share experiences with fellow participants.
Optionally, participate in additional cultural activities, such as traditional games or storytelling sessions, organized by the camp.
Attend an evening session of horse archery practice, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and serene ambiance of the Mongolian Steppe.
Reflect on the day’s experiences around a campfire, sharing stories and insights with your fellow adventurers.
Retire to your traditional ger for a restful night’s sleep, surrounded by the tranquility of the Mongolian wilderness. Anticipate the upcoming days filled with more adventure and horse archery excitement.


Enjoy a wholesome breakfast at Altanbulag Camp, gearing up for another day of horse archery adventures.
Begin the morning with a focused horse archery practice session, refining your skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Continue practicing amidst the scenic Mongolian Steppe, with opportunities for personalized coaching and improvement.
Embark on a special excursion to a nearby location known for its wild horses. Witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, observing their behavior and interactions.

Return to Altanbulag Camp for a satisfying lunch. Share stories and impressions with fellow participants.
Take some downtime to rest and recharge for the next leg of your horse archery journey.

Engage in an additional horse archery practice session, incorporating lessons learned from the morning and the observations of wild horses.
Enjoy a leisurely evening, perhaps participating in optional activities such as traditional music or storytelling arranged by the camp.

Spend another serene night in the comfort of your traditional ger. Absorb the tranquility of the Mongolian Steppe and prepare for the upcoming transition to Ulziit Camp.


Enjoy breakfast at Altanbulag Camp, bidding farewell to the picturesque surroundings.
Pack your belongings and prepare for the transition to Ulziit Camp, a dedicated site for a more specialized horse archery experience.
Travel to Ulziit Camp, taking in the changing landscapes as you journey to the next destination.
Upon arrival, settle into Ulziit Camp and familiarize yourself with the facilities. Meet with the camp organizers and fellow participants to discuss the upcoming days of focused horse archery training.
Participate in an orientation session to acquaint yourself with the new practice environment and any additional facilities available at Ulziit Camp.
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon, perhaps exploring the immediate surroundings or engaging in optional activities offered at the camp.
Gather for a communal dinner, where you can share your experiences with participants who may have joined from different locations.
Attend a briefing on the schedule for the upcoming days, including details about the international horse archery competition.
Retire to your accommodations at Ulziit Camp, ready for the intensification of your horse archery training and the excitement of the upcoming competition.


Start the day with a hearty breakfast at Ulziit Camp, fueling up for the exciting day ahead.
Attend a brief morning practice session to warm up and fine-tune your horse archery skills in preparation for the international competition.
Enter the thrilling world of international horse archery competition. Compete alongside participants from around the globe, showcasing your skills and sportsmanship.
Experience the unique atmosphere of friendly rivalry and camaraderie among participants who share a passion for the ancient art of horse archery.
Enjoy a well-deserved lunch break at the competition venue. Connect with fellow participants and share stories of your experiences in this exhilarating event.
Continue the competition, participating in various rounds and challenges designed to test your horse archery prowess.
As the day concludes, celebrate the achievements of the participants and immerse yourself in the cultural exchange that occurs during such international events.
Return to Ulziit Camp for a relaxing evening. Reflect on the day’s competition, share highlights with fellow participants, and unwind in preparation for the second day of the competition.


Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast at Ulziit Camp, gearing up for the second day of the international horse archery competition.
Attend a morning practice session to ensure that your skills are finely tuned for the day’s challenges.

Continue with the exciting international horse archery competition, participating in various rounds and challenges.
Engage with fellow participants, sharing experiences and building connections within the global horse archery community.
Take breaks between competition rounds to enjoy a lunch provided at the venue.

As the competition progresses, relish the unique atmosphere and cultural exchange that comes with competing alongside individuals who share a passion for horse archery.
Capture memorable moments and celebrate the accomplishments of participants.

Conclude the competition with a closing ceremony, acknowledging the achievements of participants and expressing gratitude for the shared experience.
Enjoy a farewell dinner at Ulziit Camp, celebrating the culmination of the international horse archery competition and the bonds formed during the event.
Spend your final night at Ulziit Camp, reflecting on the intensity and camaraderie of the competition. Share stories and experiences with fellow participants around a campfire, creating lasting memories of this unique journey.


Enjoy a leisurely morning at Ulziit Camp, taking in the last moments of the Mongolian Steppe’s serene beauty.
Have breakfast and take some time for personal reflection on the incredible experiences of the past week.

Check out from Ulziit Camp and embark on the journey back to Ulaanbaatar.
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and check into your accommodation.
Take some free time to explore the city at your own pace. Visit local markets, souvenir shops, or other points of interest.

Join a guided city tour to explore Ulaanbaatar’s main attractions. Visit the main square.

Return to your accommodation and have some time to freshen up.
Enjoy a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, savoring traditional Mongolian cuisine and reflecting on the incredible journey.

Spend your last night in Ulaanbaatar, reminiscing about the memorable experiences of the horse archery expedition and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of the city.


Tour ends.


Untitled6 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Laura, one of the horse archers at her Ger, Mongolian dwelling
Horse archers5 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Practice by Mongolian Horse Archer
Horse ride111 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Mongolian Ger with horses
Buuz Mongolian Mounted Archery
The Buuz, steamed dumplings
Laura0 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Practice day of Horse archer
Horse archer2 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Archers9 1 Mongolian Mounted Archery
At the horse archery competition
IMG 8841 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Horse archery competition
Archer6 Mongolian Mounted Archery
IMG 8933 Mongolian Mounted Archery
Archers11 Mongolian Mounted Archery

what's included


Male Horse Archer


Male Horse Archer

Tour reviews and testimonials

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Best company ever! Planning a trip to Mongolia? Then I advise you to contact Nomadic Trails, a company who takes care of you from arriving till leaving Ulaanbaatar.

Very professional guiding in what you ever could want. Horse driving, driving trough landscapes, hiking, … it is organised on the most comfortable way as possible.

A Trip with Tulga is more than amazing. He knows every corner of his country and loves to share every aspect of it. He has a large contact list and is very welcome in every community. And wherever you put your tent, you will be astonished of the beauty of the scenery.

With Nomadic Trails it is easy going travelling because they take care of everything you ever could need on your trip.

So planning a trip to Mongolia? Don’t forget to contact Nomadic Trails. They will propose an itinirary on your level and expectations so it will be a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

I visited Mongolia 3 times now and planning to go next year again, offcourse with Tulga and his crew.

Ancestor Bridge Team
Custom Spiritual Tour
This summer myself and some dear friends traveled with Nomadic Trails for two consecutive journeys through Mongolia. We didn’t know quite what to expect, but the love, kindness, patience,

and caliber of care that Tulga, Naraa, and the Nomadic Trails family who supported our journeys was truly wonderful.
We were quite dynamic and also very unique in our wants and needs, but this was met with great patience and support. The food was wonderful (thank you Pujee and Saruul)! And the crew and drivers worked tirelessly and often so jovially to support us and keep us safe.
I think what touched me most deeply is the connection they each have to their homeland and people- we often stopped along the way to make offerings which was so important to our group… and it was a part of their lives in a beautiful, integral way that taught us so much. They also took care to pick up trash along the way and at Ovoos and shared great care and love to the land and animals.
And, the true and respectful relationships Tulga has cultivated with those who hosted and held us along the way, especially in the Taiga, was very touching. They have taken great care and time in cultivating these connections and upholding sacredness and honoring, being sure that the people are supported too, and it is felt. And the sacred places they led us within their culture and nature were truly so special. I would love/be grateful for the honor to travel with them again and I couldn’t imagine being in Mongolia without them!
Thank you, Nomadic Trails, so much for accommodating us, guiding us, welcoming us, and caring for us so thoroughly and so lovingly. It was such an honor to be with you all. It is a precious gift I will carry in my heart forever.

Angie N
Custom Reindeer Tsaatan and Eagle Festival Tour
Tulga is such a hard worker and is committed to bringing the best possible experience to his guests and no request is too big. His knowledge of his country is as vast as the country itself

and he was able to provide a varied, personal, unique experience. I wanted to create my own personal itinerary and Tulga had the knowledge, contacts, experience and sense of adventure to make that happen.
I’ll be returning in 2020 to travel with Nomadic Trails again. Can’t wait!

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
An unforgettable experience… I hired Nomadic Trails to curate a private trip with four of us up to East Taiga and back down again last summer (July 2017). Our journey was remarkable, from start to finish.

We developed such tight bonds with the staff who caravanned with us that all of us talk about going back over and over again.
The food was extraordinary, which was something we definitely did not expect, given how far away from civilization we were meant to be for most of the trip, and I can still taste the wonton soup and smell the campfire from our night spent on a ridge overlooking the mountains a few hundred miles north of Murun.
I recommend this group to everyone I know going to Mongolia, and when I go back, I will be definitely reaching out to Tulga and his crew to handle everything.

Bilyana C
Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Highest level of professionalism! Mongolia surpasses my expectations! We where traveling in a group of women on the Feminine pilgrimage into sacredness of Mongolia.

We had a wonderful guide Tulga fluent in English and looking after every detail as well as arranging unforgettable visits with Mongolian families to horse riding to taiga.
We took a road trip without roads from Ulaanbaatar to the taiga visiting the nomadic people who lives with a reindeers. Amazing sceneries that any photos cannot fully describe! It was amazing! We really got a first hand appreciation of the nomadic way of life and a chance to see incredible Mongolian scenery as well as herds of reindeers, horses, yaks, sheep and goats.
And not only about the drive to the countryside, the culture, the food and the gers, but also about the people we met. During our journey into deep countryside into a wilderness, our guides the Nomadic trails team settled beautiful lunch tables on open air, sometimes near to beautiful river, sometimes in a highlands, or woods.
And food was amazing! We felt safe, happy and nourished! They was patient and helpful throughout our trip. I’m so happy and grateful to Nomadic trails for having one of the best journeys in my life!

Horse riding Tour
We had a fantastic experience! I felt completely safe the whole time, as Nomadic Trails was extremely organised. There was no stress of worrying incidents due to poor organisation, everything was so well thought out.

So we had the perfect balance of being safe, whilst having a extremely exciting adventure in rugged, remote Mongolia.

I highly recommend Nomadic Trails. I was slightly hesitant to go to horse trekking in Mongolia because it is quite remote and could end up being a lousy holiday if you had a badly run tour and poor quality horses. I was recommended Nomadic Trails by a friend who had been on five trips with this company.

The Mongolian culture and people was such a pleasure. I have had several of my own horses over the years, and I have to say none have been as awesome as my Mongolia horse, he had so much personality and was a gun, so much fun to ride! Riding through Mongolia was an experience I will never forget. The country is spectacular and vast, photos and video could never do it justice, you have to see for yourself.

I am hoping to go back on another tour with Nomadic Trials again for sure. Five stars is well deserved for this crew. Definitely choose Nomadic Trails.

Bruce Miller
Private Local Golden Eagle Festival Tour
Tulga and his crew did a great job of organizing this smaller eagle festival. Much more private than the larger well know eagle festivals, this event provided greater access and contact with the eagle hunters.

Our wilderness camp was within walking distance of the festival grounds in an open valley near a small stream offering serenity with sweeping views of the valley. The Ger I stayed in was very nice and private.

Great cooking staff and food and the opportunity to meet tribal elders and be hosted and entertained by local and regional nomadic eagle hunters. Options for horseback riding and other private eagle hunter encounters.

If you are looking for a more intimate eagle festival experience, I highly recommend traveling with Nomadic Trails.

Private Reindeer Herders Tour
Tulga led our week-long trip with friends to visit the Tsaatan people. It was a fantastically well organised trip, with Tulga and his team looking after us perfectly throughout. We stayed in some beautiful spots

on our way to and from the reindeer people and Tulga ensured that our time with the Tsaatan was respectful and he clearly had an excellent relationship with them built over a number of years. We were always consulted over decisions about activities and where to stay.

The chef who accompanied us throughout the trip was really good (meals included freshly baked bread, pancakes, pizza…). And we were lucky with the weather too.

Emmy Wu
Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
For a close-up experience, check out the Tour video footage of Emmy’s “here“. A HUGE thank you to Tulga and his team who lead our shamanic pilgrimage to the East Taiga. We were a larger group,

so the logistics of traveling was already potentially more complex. Every day, Tulga and his team showed up with a smile, and was very knowledgeable and thoughtful in accommodating to our needs while showing us the most breath-taking scenery and local cultures. We’re forever grateful for the Nomadic Trails team and our life-changing journey.

Eszter Tandel
Custom Reindeer Herders Photography Tour
Looking for a travel agency in Mongolia? Nomadic Trails is definitely the best choice! I just arrived home from a photography tour organised by Nomadic Trails.

It was a very memorable trip ful of actions, and funny happenings.
Our guide, Tulga was very professional and never the less very patient. Tsetsgee, our cook made an excellent job as well, she was able to cook perfect dishes even in the middle of nowhere.
See you soon guys! … because every great journey needs to be continued!

Custom Horse Trekking Tour
I love the ethos of nomadic trails and how they support local families. It really adds to the experience. Especially as the horses and horseman were locally sourced. My advice to you? Keep a journal!!

We spent 10 days camping with the horses in western Mongolia with a couple of days in Bayan-Ulgii and Ulanbataar. I have so many amazing memories of this trip.

Tulga, our guide, and our support crew were outstanding and we always felt very safe and well looked after. Our cook was very good. I became especially fond of Tulga and Bolat (our horseman) Tulga is friendly and funny, and Bolat was shy, but oh so cheeky once I got to know him!

We had two novice riders, with myself and another being experienced riders. Our horses were supplied by the first family we met in the Bayan-Ulgii countryside. They were exceptionally well cared for and very well behaved. These mongol horses are incredible and temperaments outstanding. They were very well picked in nature for our traveling members.

I nicknamed my horse Constable Care (Aussie joke) and he definitely lived up to his name. He was very careful and did a great job looking after me. He was so tolerant of me plaiting him up like a show pony, and not a bite or kick in him. The support crew played a joke and did his mane up in the traditional manner the next day we rode out!

My favourite memory of Constable Care was on our last day with the horses. Our novice riders walked behind with Bolat, while Tulga, myself and our other experienced rider galloped back to our first family. After riding to our slowest members, it was great to stretch our legs. Constable Care was amazingly fast.

What a way for a character building adventure! We went after peak tourist season, so the weather was a little more unpredictable, but still quite tolerable. So many fond memories, from 17 sleeping in a family Ger, tasting mares milk in the street of Bayan-ulgii, admiring Bronze Age rock art, watching a late season small town nadaam festival, our horseman singing for us, ice cream and beer on a dry day, museums, haggling for art in chiggis khan square and shopping in UB. All in the increiable landscape of Mongolia and the Altai mountains.

My wind horse was definitely reinvigorated and Mongolia is calling to me. When the time is right I will be contacting Tulga and Nomadic Trails again.

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Three times I have been to Mongolia and three times I have travelled with the very professional team of Nomadic Trails. It was pure magic! Tulga, the gentle CEO,

is very proud of his country and he showed us very nice sceneries, he took us to families living in gers where we shared songs and snacks! Other times whe were welcomed by a family and asked to share their meal and even their ger where we could spend the night.
When crossing the country, we would always stop in the evening at the most wounderful places to spend the night. It’s unbelievable how Tulga is able to find his way without Satnav!!!!
So we could admire the marvellous landscapes, enjoy the absolute stillness, dream into the amazing sky covered with millions of stars.
And in the morning we were welcomed by Pudge, a very good cook, whose meals are realy delicious and colorful. Nice table, nice chairs in an open air eating tent: *****.
The careful drivers who took us through the country are very friendly and helpful. There was always one of them helping for the setup of my tent. I’m not fluent in Mongolian(!), but no words are needed with this friendly people!
They always stay good tempered even when the roads are soaked and hard to cross. The complete team keeps joking and laughing.
Thanks to the people of Nomadic Trails and their perfect organization I have had a wounderful experience and I still have enjoyable memories….
I’ll go back!

Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Absolutely the Best Tour Guide ever in Mongolia! I have done my first trip in this beautiful country with them and everything was perfect! It was not just a trip

but a real intense experience of this amazing place!
I want to thanks all of the Nomadic Trails Staff for the amazing experience! Thanks thanks thanks! Nomadic Trails is the best to travel in Mongolia!

Group Reindeer Herders tour
Tulga designed our itinerary to cover as much quality experiences as we can in 7 days. We had a wonderful time boating at Khovsgol, tent camping in 5* spots – all with superb sunset view, before

hopping on our horses to go to the Tsaatan reindeer tribe, then finally staying at one of the best camps in Murun.
Everything was so well-organized. Noteworthy is Tulga’s relationship with the tribe, which is an important consideration when we were planning this trip as we want to be as respectful as possible to the tribe for them not to feel uneasy during our stay.
Our group was delighted to have raw and authentic Mongolian experience without having to sacrifice comfort – we had delicious food, great accommodation and comfortable transportation all throughout our trip – thanks to the incredible team of Nomadic Trails!

Kayla C
Private Spiritual Shaman Tour
My experience with Nomadic Trails was amazing. They took such good care of the four of us. I was blown away by the organization of our entire trip and the lengths they took to make sure we were well taken care of.

The meals they prepared for us were far better than anything I ever make myself at home. We were kept warm, fed and safe.

The Mongolian outback is rugged to say the least and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen and our drivers navigated through it all seamlessly. Of course there were setbacks like getting stuck in the mud a few times and needing to reroute due to landscape issues, but it was all part of the adventure.

Our tour leader, Khulan, was absolutely amazing and remains a friend of mine to this day. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They did such a good job of showing us their country and exposing us to their culture. It was an experience I will never forget.

Kimberley H
Private Reindeer Herders Tour
I was very pleased with my trip with Nomadic Trails. Our guide Tulga was knowledgeable and experienced. The staff was friendly and accommodating and we were served great food.

The experience staying with the reindeer tribe was incredible and something not to miss in northern Mongolia.
Overall the whole tour was well organized and I would have another tour in the future.

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
I went to Mongolia with a group of women this summer under the care of Nomadic Trails. we were on an unconventional journey, and Tulga and his team

made sure to help us in a way that was aligned with our intentions for the trip. i felt very cared for and supported by the whole team. their flexibility and strong guidance were in perfect balance.
and it was really fun! we danced and laughed enough memories to carry me through life. Nomadic Trails feels like family to me now. their connection to the local people and lands were inspiring and completely heartfelt. the food that was prepared in the wilds was exceptionally amazing. the places we went to were extraordinarily beautiful.
i would not go on a spiritual journey to Northern Mongolia with anyone else!

Marc Naidoo
Custom Private Tour
My friend and I live in different countries and managed to organise a custom itinerary over email which was completely tailored to our individual tastes.

We left from Hong Kong, which was presented some difficulties as there was a typhoon which meant that we could have been delayed, as well as the fact that there was an issue with our code share flight which prevented us from checking in online. Temuulen was great as she called the airline for us to see what the issue was, and was messaging us to check whether we made our flight on time.
When we arrived we were fetched without any hassle and were pleasantly surprised that the car we were in was a Land Cruiser, which proved to be very comfortable. On the first evening Temuulen told us that the route we had wanted to go on was washed away by unexpected rain, but said we could still go if we really wanted to. We really appreciated that as my friend had singled out one of the attractions on that route as the reason for the trip.
Our driver, Bataar was excellent. The journey was comfortable and both Bataar and Temuulen ensured that every request we made was catered for. We even asked for a last minute change of itinerary on the last day we was accommodated even though it was an extra 3 hour drive.
All in all we were really pleased with Nomadic Trails, the trip was a once in a life time experience and made better by Bataar and Temuulen.

Matthew K
Custom Reindeer & Golden Eagle Festival Tour
We travelled with a large group and everything from the second we landed was perfectly organized. We had the opportunity to see the beauty of Mongolia and interact with incredible locals

thanks to Nomadic Trails. Tulga and everyone on his team were so accommodating to any of our requests and even helped us navigate our way through the local market and barter for souvenirs. Truly delicious food as well at every stop. Phenomenal all around. Thank y’all for everything! Unbelievable experience in Mongolia!

Private Reindeer Herders & Horse riding Tour
Excellent! Nomadic Trails is a top rate outfit. We thoroughly enjoyed our horse trip with Tulga and Naraa. They met our highest

expectations and we went back for another trip the next year. The culture, food, horses and especially the country were wonderful. We highly recommend Nomadic Trails if you want to see real Mongolia.


Ulaanbaatar winter Snowing scenery
short tour mongolia to khustai national park - takhi horses with winter scenery
Hustai National Park
Gandan Main Monastery Janraisig deity by Sandra Henri
Gandan Monastery
mongolian mounted archery
Dulaan Khaan Mountain
Reindeer-Summer Mongolian Reindeer Herders tour
Mongolian Taiga
Starting from the basics:

For beginners, we will give detailed instructions to ride a horse, you will learn horse riding from the beginning. There is training shooting from horses but there is also shooting training from the ground too. You could take any of these activities until you feel confident. Then our trainer and you will decide together whether you will participate in the tournament later on our tour.

Packing tips for this Mongolian Mounted Archery Tour:

You can definitely bring your own bow and arrows. If you need another one, please book it ahead with us. At the same time, there is also a big interest in buying Mongol Bows, costing between 200-3000 USD. Arrow can be found for 5-10 USD each.

We will be using western-like saddles.

You will not be learning horse archery, but I want to travel with your friends/family?

Contact us for alternative itinerary offers from our travel experts. We can offer you many other activities in the same region as the horse archery tours. For instance simple horse riding, hiking, visiting local families, other sightseeing, and more.

To participate in the small tournament in Ulziit:

You need to write down, whether you will be willing to take a tournament or competition. We will have a local horse archer to train with us who will help us to work with Mongolian horses among others.

If you choose not to participate in the competition, you can delight in watching the exhilarating games unfold while indulging in more horse riding. Your journey is tailored to accommodate diverse preferences, ensuring everyone finds their perfect balance between spectatorship and active engagement.


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