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Our one-day & two-day tours gathered in one Short Tour Mongolia category. These short tours are to destinations that can be easily fully explored in a short time. It can also easily be arranged before or after any tour so they are a perfect extension tour. For example, a short tour to National parks in Mongolia located near the UB city for some wildlife and Mongolian Wild horse-Takhi spotting can be a simple 4-5 hour tour to and back.
Gandan Main monastery - Sandra Henri

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Reindeer Festival Mongolia
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Reindeer Festival Mongolia Tour

This unique Reindeer Festival will take a place in Taiga- Tsagaan Nuur town, Khuvsgul province, Northern Mongolia 2025. There is ancient tradition both
Genghis khan statue complex at Tsonjin Boldog
Short Tour Mongolia

Genghis Khan Statue Tour

Visit the dramatic Genghis khan statue located a 1.5hour drive east of Ulaanbaatar on this one-day tour. Explore the Aryapal Meditation Monastery
Gandan Monastery Main Monastery exterior - Sandra Henri
Short Tour Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

This full-day Ulaanbaatar city tour is filled with the best destinations of the capital. Its purpose is to give you a deeper understanding of Mongolia’s past, present, and future.
short tour mongolia to khustai national park - takhi horses with winter scenery
Short Tour Mongolia

Kharkhorin & Hustai National Park Tour

This short trip takes you on a journey to the ancient capital of Mongols, Karakorum, and the Hustai National Park where Przewalski horses.