Darkhad Depression

The Darkhad Depression is a beautiful low land rift valley in the North of Mongolia. Created by tectonic activity, it lays in parallel to the valley of Khuvsgul Lake, the Blue Pearl of Mongolia.

This valley remains a significant water area with more than 200 lakes around the area of this depression. There are also several big rivers that flow towards and connect to the Yenisey River in Russia. All this contributes to the rich diversity of the local fauna and flora.

Moreover, there are 3 “Sums” or towns at this depression with Darkhad and Tuvan people of Mongolia.  3 different strictly protected national parks are in this area, active from 1997 and expanded in 2011. Certainly, Darkhad Depression is one of the must travel places of Mongolia during any season because of its unparalleled beauty.

In addition, many adventure activities are offered to you by Nomadic Trails at this stunning destination. For example, Tsaatan Dukha or Reindeer tribe visits, horse riding, hiking, fishing, tented camping, etc

Camping with stunning mountainous scenery of Northern Mongolia
Camping with stunning mountainous scenery of Northern Mongolia

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