Destination: Dulaan Khaan Mountain

Dulaan Khaan Mountain is one of the ancient volcanically created mountains of Mongolia at an altitude of 1580m. It erupted about 20000 years ago. Consequently, you can clearly see the traces of its eruption from ancient crevasses with rivers flowing down and a lot of basalts that lie on the ground.

Most importantly, at this wonderful destination, you can learn from a Mongolian archery master and bow maker.

Train in traditional archery as well as horse riding which are the required skills of becoming a mounted horse archer. You can start at your current level of skill and even learn from the basics. Afterward, combine your knowledge and become a horseback archer!

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Adventure Tour

Adventure Mongolian Horse Archery Tour

Learn horse riding, Mongolian archery from the foundation level and combine these practices into traditional Mongolian horse archery on this adventure tour.


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