Destination: Elsen Tasarkhai

Spreading for around 80 km through three provinces of Mongolia Tuv, Bulgan, and Uvurkhangai, Elsen Tasarkhai, otherwise known as the Little Gobi are majestic golden sand dunes.

Located a 4-hour drive from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, this location is perfect if you would like to see Mongolian golden sand not too far from the capital or if you simply do not have time for a longer trip to visit the Gobi Khongoriin Els Sand dunes in the far southern parts of Mongolia on our 15-day tour.

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Short Tour

Short Kharkhorin Tour Mongolia

On this 2-days and 1-night Kharkhorin Mongolia tour visit the ancient capital of the Mongols -the Karakorum. Go wildlife-spotting Takhi or the Przewalski’s horse.


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