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Photography tour to Tsaatan Reindeer Herders - traveller

Basing on our local knowledge and the experience of our best Tour Leaders, here are the Top 5 Photography Tours and destinations of Mongolia.

What makes photography custom tours unique from the original tours is the photographic opportunities. For example, photoshoots with local people, with wild and domesticated animals, organizing logistics on day-to-day plans and private photoshoots, finding good spots and destinations you wish for your montage, and many more.

So, here are the top FIVE photography tours we offer you:

Reindeer Herders Photography:

If you are looking for a special nomadic community for a photo opportunity of a lifetime this tour is perfect for you! We offer you countless possibilities and ideas for photography by using our strong local connections in local communities.

Reindeer herders or the Tsaatan Dukha people are nomadic Tuvan people in the far-norther province of Mongolia.

There are various themes including their culture you could base your creations on:

Portraits of Reindeer Herders in their everyday nomadic life and pasture land. Working with reindeer children in different locations. Reindeer Herders’ are nomads and they move at least 6 times a year. The migration period during different seasons gives you a very unique take on the movement. Autumn and Spring migrations are especially recommended by us.

For more about Reindeer Herder’s tour, click “here”. If you are interested in a Winter Reindeer Tour, click on the link “here”.

Autumn camp
Autumn camp of the Reindeer Herder Tribe

Gobi Photography

The stunning beauty of Gobi even during wintertime is one of the many reasons Mongolia calls out to your creativity.

Photograph the golden sand dunes and burning red Flaming cliffs, camel caravans and epic nomads, gobi wildlife and starry night skies, and many more fantastic photographic opportunities. It helps, that our tour guides and drivers have fantastic knowledge of the local community.

We offer you a dual scenery inclusive tour to both Gobi and the Blue Pearl of Mongolia. For more information, click “The Gobi and Khuvsgul Lake Tour”.

Gobi Photography
“Walking in the Gobi” shooting

Blue Pearl photography

By visiting Khuvgsul Lake, known as the Blue Pearl of Mongolia creates many opportunities for you to work with local nomads, fishermen boats, crystal clear waters… Here the only limit is your own imagination.

The Blue Pearl contains 1% of the World’s freshwater, as such the surrounding fauna and flora of the lake are indeed rich and prosperous.

For more about the Blue Pearl Photography, click “here”.

Blue Pearl photography
Frozen Khuvsgul Lake Photography Tour

Golden Eagle Master Photography

The Great Eagle Masters of the West of Mongolia are not only skilled with their tradition of hunting with their eagles. They also look remarkably fashionable and powerful with their colorful handcrafted traditional wear.

Western Mongolia is where you will find fascinating snow-capped mountains and scenery.

Learn how Eagle Hunters’ work with their Golden Eagle! The whole process will be an amazing workshop for photographers as well as offer you many close up shots of the talented hunters and their trusted eagles in local serene scenery.

For more, click the link “Local Golden Eagle Festival Tour”.

Golden Eagle Master photography
Workshop-“Eagle Hunter”

Golden Eagle Festival Photography

Working with fascinating Eagle Hunters during the Golden Eagle Festival. This festival is one of the biggest events in Western parts of Mongolia and is a grand opportunity for every photographer.

During this fantastic event, you will witness and capture the Great Eagle masters in their training & preparation for the festival. The close connections between Eagles and masters are evident during the many tournaments of the Eagle Festival.

The Eagle Hunters and Masters have a good relationship with us, the Nomadic Trails team. Therefore, after the Festival a meeting and a private. photography session with your specific requests can be easily arranged.

Golden Eagle Festival photography
Golden Eagle Festival Opening Parade Workshop

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