Golden Eagle Festival Tour 2024

At Nomadic Trails, we invite you to experience the captivating tradition of golden eagle hunting during the annual Golden Eagle Festival in Bayan-Ulgii province, western Mongolia. This extraordinary event marks the commencement of the winter hunting season and brings together skilled hunters from diverse regions, showcasing their exceptional bond with these majestic birds.

Two Unique Trails, One Unforgettable Adventure: Home Stay or Standard Ger Camp

As part of our commitment to providing tailored experiences, Nomadic Trails is delighted to offer two distinct tour options based on accommodation preferences:

  1. Home Stay with Local Eagle Masters: Immerse in Tradition

    • Engage in the authentic nomadic lifestyle with local Eagle Masters.
    • Share stories, savor traditional meals, and witness the profound connection between the eagle and its master.
    • Experience the warmth of Kazakh hospitality, creating lasting memories with your hosts.
    • Open group for 4 people: to book at or What’sApp: +976 99040894 , connecting Mr.Tulga
  2. Standard Ger Camp Stay: Comfort Amidst Nature’s Beauty

    • Enjoy modern amenities within traditional gers, offering a perfect blend of comfort and immersion.
    • Revel in the tranquility of Mongolia’s wilderness, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.
    • Experience the charm of nomadic living with a touch of modernity in our well-equipped ger camps.
    • Open and Private groups are available until 15th May 2024

The Golden Eagle Festival: A Journey Through Time and Tradition

The Golden Eagle Festival unfolds at three unique locations, each with its own charm:

  1. Local Golden Eagle Festival: Altai town

    • Dates: September 7th and 8th, 2024
  2. Golden Eagle Festival at Tolbo Lake

    • Dates: September 14th and 15th, 2024
  3. Ulgii Golden Eagle Festival: Ulgii town 

    • Dates: October 4-5, 2024

Nomadic Trails 6-Day, 5-Night Golden Eagle Festival Tour (October):

  • Join up to 100 Kazakh participants in the Ulgii Golden Eagle Festival.
  • Be part of this unique celebration, forging your own trails and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Create Your Own Trails with Nomadic Trails!

Whether you choose the intimate setting of a home stay or the comfort of a standard ger camp, Nomadic Trails is dedicated to crafting an unforgettable adventure tailored to your preferences. Join us in celebrating the Golden Eagle Festival and be part of a cultural experience that transcends time.

Book your spot now and embark on a journey filled with tradition, hospitality, and the majestic beauty of Mongolia.

Book your tour at  


  • You will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening with a traditional folk concert that showcases the local culture of Mongolia.
  • Experience the hospitality of a local nomad family and learn about their daily lives and customs.
  • Explore the frosted mountainous scenery of Western Mongolia, which is home to the Golden Eagle Festival.
  • Be a part of the Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia, which is the highlight of the tour. Witness the majestic Kazakhs on horseback, dressed in their traditional dark coats and scarlet hats, with Golden Eagles hovering on their arms.
  • Get to enjoy the rare opportunity to view the Golden Eagles up close and personal. You can even have one perch upon your arm, which is an experience of a lifetime.
  • Taste the delicious and authentic Nomadic Mongolian cuisine of West Mongolia, which is a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.


Day-1 Ulaanbaatar City

Day-2 Ulaanbaatar – Ulgii Town

Day-3 Golden Eagle Festival – Day 1

Day-4 Golden Eagle Festival – Day 2

Day-5 Ulgii – Ulaanbaatar

Day-6 International Departure



This day is our international arrival day. Depending on your arrival time we can visit the National history museum with priceless treasures of Mongolian history. We will also visit and explore the main square of Ulaanbaatar city called Sukhbaatar square located a short walking distance away from our hotel. An authentic folk concert is also available in the evening.
Welcome dinner. Hotel /L,D/


Today after our check-out from the hotel, we drive to the local airport for our local domestic flight. Our flight destination is Bayan Ulgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia. After landing, we will have lunch at a local Turkish restaurant and try out the delectable local cuisine.

After our arrival, we transfer to a ger camp in the vicinity of Tolbo lake. With a short drive, we will have a welcome dinner with a local Eagle family where we will get to know the lifestyle and culture of Kazakh people and especially how Eagle Masters and hunters train their eagles. After a delightful evening, we will return to the ger camp to rest before the Festival scheduled for the next day. Ger camp /B,L,D/


Our morning starts with a hearty breakfast and a short drive to the festival site.

The festival starts with a parade where Eagle Hunters march proudly with their Eagles sitting proudly on their outstretched arm. Dressed in their traditional clothes, they make a truly amazing sight to behold.

We will spend the whole day at the Festival area bustling with activity. Lunch at the festival site. During the several competitions, we get the amazing opportunity to see and capture on your camera lens the skill of the Eagle hunter and their trusted eagle. Ger camp /B,L,D/


This beautiful morning, we visit the Festival area again as we still have half a festival to finish.

On the second day of the Golden Eagle Festival, masters and eagles who have proven their skill and speed on the first day have more competitions to test who is the best among them. After lunch at the Festival site, experience more equine games such as Kiz Kuar, Tug of war where participants test their skill and speed on horses.

After this amazing experience, we return to Ulgii town from the landing destination of our domestic flight and visit the local open market. Ger camp /B,L,D/


This day will have an adjustable schedule as we take a local flight back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Depending on our flight schedule, we will have a free evening with some souvenir shopping and have a farewell dinner with Nomadic Trails. Hotel /B,L,D/


On this day we transfer you to your international departure.


what's included


Gers at Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia site


Gers at Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia site

Tour reviews and testimonials

Bruce Miller
Private Local Golden Eagle Festival Tour
Tulga and his crew did a great job of organizing this smaller eagle festival. Much more private than the larger well know eagle festivals, this event provided greater access and contact with the eagle hunters.

Our wilderness camp was within walking distance of the festival grounds in an open valley near a small stream offering serenity with sweeping views of the valley. The Ger I stayed in was very nice and private.

Great cooking staff and food and the opportunity to meet tribal elders and be hosted and entertained by local and regional nomadic eagle hunters. Options for horseback riding and other private eagle hunter encounters.

If you are looking for a more intimate eagle festival experience, I highly recommend traveling with Nomadic Trails.

Matthew K
Custom Reindeer & Golden Eagle Festival Tour
We travelled with a large group and everything from the second we landed was perfectly organized. We had the opportunity to see the beauty of Mongolia and interact with incredible locals

thanks to Nomadic Trails. Tulga and everyone on his team were so accommodating to any of our requests and even helped us navigate our way through the local market and barter for souvenirs. Truly delicious food as well at every stop. Phenomenal all around. Thank y’all for everything! Unbelievable experience in Mongolia!

Private Local Golden Eagle Festival Tour
Thanks to Tulga and his team we had a wonderful trip, met some amazing people along the way and saw the beauty of Mongolia in all of its glory.

Our entire trip was well organised and our needs catered for. I highly recommend Nomadic Trails to anyone who wishes to discover Mongolia.

Custom Western Mongolia Tour
As a small group of 4 friends, we are very happy we hired Nomadic trails to guide us on our travels through Ulgii Provience in Western Mongolia. We spent a few days sigtseeing in both UB and Ulgii Cities and then rode horses

for 8 days through the steppe camping over night or staying with local families in their gers.
I was very impressed with the staff and the thought they put into our itinerary, and considerations for our comfort. They erected our tents for us each night so that we could relax after our days ride.

The food, even in the outback was good, the contacts that the team had with local people enriched our experiences, (especially when plans changed last minute due to unforeseen weather moving in across the mountains).

This was a most interesting trip and the knowledge of the staff made it even more enriching. I would like to return to other parts of Mongolia in future and would travel again with the team at Nomadic Trails, they are professional, fun, informative and friendly. Can highly recommend.

Ricardo D
Photography Private Golden Eagle Festival Tour
I recently returned from a 2 week photography tour (thru IP Travel Photography) in Mongolia that was organised by Nomadic Trails. I was very impressed with the organisation

of our tour where on every occasion we had comfortable, modern and clean transport waiting for us wherever we went and never did we have to wait for our meals either.

As a vegetarian, my needs were completely met on every occasion with no fuss. All of our accommodation was also very comfortable, and whilst sleeping in gers, we even had staff members light our fireplace to ensure that we slept warm during each night. Not only was the service exceptional, but it was also incredibly friendly where we were always greeted with a smile and warmth. Our tour guide Tulga was very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable.

I would personally book a tour with Nomadic Trails again in a heartbeat!


Old Eagle Hunter with his eagle at Eagle Festival Mongolia
Ulgii town
Ulaanbaatar winter Snowing scenery
Master and Eagle eye contact
Altai Town
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park glacier
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
What is the baggage allowance for a domestic flight in Mongolia?

The baggage allowance for a domestic flight in Mongolia is 15kgs in total: 10kg for check-in luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. For extra luggage, you pay 3000-5000 Tugriks (local currency) per extra kilogram.

What is the electrical plug type in Mongolia?

In Mongolia, electrical plug types vary. Most are Type C and Type E with 2 round holes.

How can I charge my camera and equipment?

For this specific trip, you will be able to charge your phones in the car while we drive from one location to another or at a ger camp. For ger stays, you might not have many opportunities on charging your electronics, so please make sure to bring extra sets of batteries for your camera as well as power banks in your hand luggage.

Do I need to bring my sleeping bag?

For this specific tour – Golden Eagle Festival Tour, you do not need to bring a sleeping bag as you will spend three days in Ulgii town in a ger camp.

Will there be an opportunity to photograph Mongolian Eagle hunters?

As we will be staying right near the festival site, many Eagle hunters can also visit us for dinner as well as take photos with you. Photo shooting after or before the festival is available. Normally it costs by hour or daily. It will be from 15 USD per hour to 40 USD per day per Eagle Hunter.

Can I hold a hunting eagle?

On each Nomadic Trails trip, we offer our clients the best experience possible. Our guides and Eagle Masters would give you instructions on how to hold an eagle properly.

Where to buy handmade souvenirs and gifts?

Western Mongolia has a wide range of handicrafts or souvenirs made by Mongolians and Kazakhs. There are local souvenir shops are available in Ulgii town. All these shop owners bring their goods to the Festival sites. So, you will have a variety of choices in the area.


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