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Horse sled ride across frozen Khuvsgul lake Mongolia
2022 Ice festival Mongolia
Mongolia is quite well known for harsh, cold, and bitter winters, so many do not readily choose to travel during these times. But the abundance
Golden Eagle Hunter with eagle gazing into the distance
Mongolian Falconry – The Art of Hunting with Golden Eagles
Like traditional practices elsewhere in the world, the Art of hunting with eagles is on the verge of extinction, but in Kazakh culture, in Mongolia,
Golden Eagle Festival 3 Eagle hunters
Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia – What you need to know
All you need to know about Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia where eagle hunters and their hunting eagles test their skill…
Gobi Mongolia Camel scenery - Top 5 photography tours Mongolia
Mongolian Gobi desert facts
This article is filled with Mongolian gobi desert facts and all the must-see destinations of the Gobi with their pictures.
Tournament participants at flag Naadam Festival
Naadam Festival Mongolia
For detailed information about the Naadam Festival, when it’s celebrated, and whether to participate in a local or main festival.
eagle photography tour
Top 5 Photography Tours Mongolia
Discover the best photographic opportunities and destinations of Mongolia with these Top 5 Photography Tours by Nomadic Trails.
staying in tipi mongolia with reindeer herders mongolia
Top 10 things to do in Mongolia
A list of the top 10 things to do in Mongolia with reasons and their pictures by Nomadic Trails Mongolia.
Mini van on ice during Nomadic Trails winter tour
Lonely Planet Winter on the Steppe
Section of an article Lonely Planet “Winter on the steppe”. It makes a reference to Nomadic Trails and our specialization in winter tours.