Destination: Dukha Tribe Winter Camp

Winter camp for Reindeer Herders or Tsaatan Dukha tribes usually settle down in the deep forest at 1600-1800m where they can be sheltered from the frigid winds.

Reindeer find and eat moss in the snow easily by digging their foot, so it is not an obstacle for them. However, during winter, tribes stay in one area for several months, and then move on to another place, especially when there are wolves nearby.

This movement can happen many times during winter. Tribes band together and set out for “Otor” (the herding of reindeer by young men in distant areas), during which the reindeer are free to move about and can find moss and grass easily.

During the cold winter period, most children and elders move to settle in towns for schooling, medical purposes, or because they couldn’t keep up with others.

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