Gandan Monastery

Gandantegchiglen monastery complex, more commonly referred to as Gandan Monastery is considered one of the key monasteries of Mongolia. It is located in Ulaanbaatar city a short drive from the city’s main Sukhbaatar square. The complex is overall rich with different architectural styles and combinations of Buddhism all of which can easily be observed.

The complex overall consists of 3 main parts. The first part of the complex has the most varieties of styles of monasteries.

Gandan Monastery has several schools of Buddhism. In addition, there is also the main monastery which is located in the center of the complex. The main monastery has the 26-meter/87-foot tall statue of Megjid Janraisig, the all-seeing deity of compassion and mercy. All these locations are located in the second part of the complex.

Gandan Main Monastery Janraisig deity by Sandra Henri
Gandan Main Monastery Janraisig deity

The third part much newer part consists of a temple named “Battsagaan” where 1080 lamas can gather and chant. It consists of its main Buddhist conference hall “Soyombo”, a small museum, restaurant, and library.

Overall, the Gandan Monastery complex offers you a deep insight into the religion of the majority of Mongolians. With a walk around its area, you can also observe and discuss the different architectural styles of temples and Buddhist art.

lama leaving chanting temple at Gandan monastery complex - Ulaanbaatar city tour
lama leaving chanting temple at Gandan monastery complex – Ulaanbaatar city tour

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