Destination: Khongor Sand Dunes

Khongor Sand Dunes is one of the most visited places of the Gobi Desert.

The combination of tall golden Sand Dunes, a river and spring, and a gorgeous mountain in the background make up the spectacular scenery of Khongor Sand Dunes. It is no wonder travelers from all over the world want to see this wonder firsthand.

The name Khongor means palomino horse color highlighting its similarity to the 200m tall fine golden sand dunes.

Khongor Sand Dunes stretch for over 180 km in length and 3-5 km in width along the Gobi Altai Mountain Range. Moreover, there are a number of activities you can do here. For example, riding camels, walking on the sand dunes, visiting local camel herdsmen, visiting Khongor River and spring and etc.

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