Destination: Khoton Nuur Lake

At the foot of the Altai Mountains, in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, there are beautiful lakes. Khoton Nuur Lake is one of these lakes, a freshwater lake that lays in the west corner of Mongolia.

Its length is about 23km long, about 5,5 km wide, and 8.6 m deep. The south side of the lake mountains is covered by larch trees and the mountains are well over 3400m in altitude with snow caps. There is abundant birdlife around Khoton lake’s area and is home to a big number of fish.

Kurgan Nuur Lake, a lake that shares the same water as Khoton Nuur Lake by channel Sirgal is 23km long 6km wide. These lakes could have been one big lake in ancient times and might have shrunk smaller and formed 2 separate lakes as the years have passed.

This region completely closes from October to April, due to big snowfall during winter and many roads pass closed.

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