Mongolian Taiga

Mongolian Taiga is a secluded wonder of the nature of the Northern parts of Mongolia. Ranging across Russian and Mongolian borders the Taiga consists of the Siberian forest, mountainous terrain with a marshy moss-covered ground. The Dukha nomadic tribes – known to the Mongolians as Tsaatan, or “reindeer people” migrate across its expanse herding their reindeer.

Reindeer-Summer Mongolian Reindeer Herders tour
Taiga Reindeer during Summer Mongolian Reindeer Herders tour

Divided into two parts 24-26 households of the tribe with a population of 400 people live at this secluded location. The river Shishged that flows across the Mongolian Taiga is the reason for this division. River Shishged during the warm seasons becomes an impassable expanse of water. Difficulty crossing it has gradually led to the division of land as well as the Dukha tribes. The two banks of the River Shishged are now called East and West Taiga with the Tribe people called accordingly east taiga Dukha Tsaatan and west taiga Dukha Tsaatan.

Want to see what its like at the Taiga? See this close up video here!
Dukha mongolian girls riding reindeer in winter of Mongolia
7. The Little Red Riders

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