Destination: Murun town

Murun town is the provincial capital of Khuvsgul Province in Northern Mongolia. Formed in 1933, this capital town has a population of 40 thousand.

Murun town is the most northern getaway town with scheduled domestic flights all year round with varying schedules for each month of the year. The town is one of the towns of Mongolia with a paved road that connects it with the capital, Ulaanbaatar city. State services like hospitals, schooling, administration, and court are available as well as banks, ATMs, bigger supermarkets, and open bazaars. However, there aren’t many good hotels or eating places available in this town.

Nice ger camps, with traditional Mongolian dwellings – gers as accommodation, are available in a nearby town. Famous Khuvsgul Lake, also crowned as the Blue Pearl of Mongolia, and the Reindeer tribes make this region one of the top must-travel destinations for travelers.

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