Ulgii town

Ulgii town in Western Mongolia from Airplane
Ulgii town in Western Mongolia from Airplane

Ulgii town is the Provincial Capital of Bayan-Ulgii Province in Western Mongolia. This westernmost provincial capital is 30 thousand in population.

This town is the most western getaway town. Scheduled domestic flights are in service all year round with varying schedules for each season. The town has a paved tarmac road and thus is connected by it with the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. State services like hospitals, schooling, administration, and court are available as well as banks, ATMs, bigger supermarkets, and open bazaars. Travelers can find good hotels here.

This is one of the Muslim towns of Mongolia with the predominant population being the Kazakhs. Golden Eagle Hunter’s Festival and other ethnic groups of Mongolia make up the population of Ulgii town. Thus making this region one of the must-visit destinations for travelers from around the World.

Old Eagle Hunter with his eagle at Eagle Festival Mongolia
Catching Eagle during Golden Eagle Festival

As the most western getaway town, Ulgii borders with two neighbors of Mongolia, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, so it would not be amiss to highlight the border crossings.

Tsagaan-nuur border crossing with Russia is open all year round but it has no immigration office, however, you must still have a visa before your arrival. Meanwhile, Taikeshken, the border crossing with China opens only during summer, due to the high mountain pass and after snowfall becomes difficult to pass during winter.

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