Yolyn Am

Known as Yolyn Am, this gorge is one of the beautiful places to visit in the Gobi Desert. It is located in the East Beauty Mountain (1900m), a part of the Gobi Altai mountain range. It is the end of Altai Mountain with 2300-2900m 7545-9515 feet.

Yolyn am gorge mongolia
Yolyn am gorge Mongolia

Named after the lammergeier vulture, Yol gorge is located around a 1.5-hour drive from the center of Umnu-Gobi province, Dalanzadgad. The namesake of this gorge, Yol or lammergeier vulture is keen to build their nests in the higher areas of the said gorge, which explains the naming.

There are a few walking trails in the area with a fine small stream coming out of the mountain. In the winter season, this stream turns to many layers of ice in the same gorge.

Yol gorge offers a 1-3 hours walk during hot days of summer as it is relatively cooler because of the stream still frozen at certain areas.

Yolyn am clients posing before the frozen stream
Yolyn am clients posing before the frozen stream

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