Reindeer Festival Mongolia 2019

Reindeer Festival Mongolia 2019

A very special event took place in 2019 in the Northernmost town of Mongolia in Khuvsgul Province. It was truly a joyous event for the Tsaatan tribes as it was the Reindeer Festival Mongolia which took place in Tsagaan Nuur town. In this region mostly Reindeer and Darhad Tribes have lived for over centuries and still continue to live.

After the celebration of 1000 reindeer festivals in 2012, the number of reindeer reached more than 2000 and locals wanted to celebrate another festival called Reindeer Festival in the fall of 2019.

While Reindeer tribes are divided into West & East Taiga from where they settled bank of river Shishged both the Taiga tribe people had brought their Reindeer to the festival area to celebrate this exciting festival.

To clarify, this Reindeer Festival in Mongolia was held in town for 2 full days and numerous visitors experienced this fantastic event in 2019.

Here are some of the fantastic shots and the video made at this wonderful event.

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