Blogs and articles tagged: Tsaatan Reindeer Herders

The Best Reindeer Herder photos
Best Reindeer Herder photos uploaded and shared on social media. View count data was collected from Nomadic Trails official Facebook.
Mongolia in my Camera – An inspiring travel blog about Dukha people in Mongolia
A travel blog about Dukha people in Mongolia. Experience with a local tour agency and operator from a photographer’s perspective.
Foundation to help the Reindeer People
“The Reindeer Tribe of Taiga Foundation” is an NGO, initiative by Nomadic Trails, created to support and help the Reindeer Tsaatan community in Mongolia.
Reindeer Festival Mongolia 2019
A special Reindeer Festival took place in 2019 in the Northernmost town of Mongolia. Video montage and pictures directly from the Festival.
Horseback riding tips
Horse riding and packing tips from a travelers perspective. Read about our traveler’s experence with Nomadic Trails.
How to visit the Mongolian Reindeer Herders
To visit the Reindeer Herder tribes in Mongolia will take a two weeks trip with adventure elements by default such as riding Mongolian horses and camping under the starry sky. But first, let’s start with: Who are the Reindeer herders in Mongolia and why visit them?


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