Horse Archery Tour Mongolia - 7 Days

This tour allows you to experience Mongolian culture on a completely different, more intimate level. Learn horse riding, Mongolian archery from the foundation level. Then, combine these amazing traditional practices with traditional mounted horse archery on this Horse Archery Tour in Mongolia.

For this 7-day 6-night tour you will visit the Mongolian National History Museum, enjoy an authentic folk concert in Ulaanbaatar city, the capital of Mongolia. Taking a morning local train we will then head to Dulaan town, from there to the home of our Archery Master near the mountain of Dulaan. The Archery Master has an incredible collection of ancient weapons, so on top of learning archery as well as horse riding from him, you will also see priceless items of Mongolian History.

After a small competition with professional horse archers and applying what you have learned, you can go souvenir shopping and explore Ulaanbaatar city.

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Trip Details

Trip Highlights

  • Receive private training from an Archery Master
  • Horse riding, archery practices from the foundation
  • Apply what you have learned to mounted archery practices
  • Go on a local train journey to a local town
  • Visiting beautiful destinations of Mongolia
  • Go on a tour in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city
  • Compete in a local horse archery competition


Day 1
Ulaanbaatar City

This day is our international arrival day. Depending on your arrival time we can visit the National history museum with priceless treasures of Mongolian history. We will also visit and explore around the main square of Ulaanbaatar city called Sukhbaatar square located a short walking distance away from our hotel. An authentic folk concert is also available in the evening depending on your flight schedule.
Welcome dinner.

📍 Overnight Khuvsgul Lake Hotel

Day 2
Ulaanbaatar / Dulaan Mountain

We take a morning train to Dulaan town station. Picnic lunch on the train. Transfer to local ger and dinner with the host. We will be getting to know the Archery Master and his amazing collection of ancient weapons.

📍 Overnight ger next to the host family

Day 3
Dulaan Mountain

Full training day with the Master. This day we visit the master and his family’s bow and arrow workshop or home-factory. From the morning we will start with horse riding training. After lunch, we will continue with archery but first without a bow.

📍 Overnight ger next to the host family

Day 4
Dulaan Mountain

Second full day for horse and archery training.

📍 Overnight ger next to the host family

Day 5

After breakfast, we take a morning train to Ulaanbaatar city and arrive in the evening. Then transfer you to the hotel. Dinner.

📍 Overnight Khuvsgul Lake Hotel

Day 6

This day at Ulziit, a 40-minute drive away from UB we will be training with professional mounted-horse archers. You will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned.

📍 Overnight Khuvsgul Lake Hotel

Day 7
International departure

We will transfer you to your international departure.


  • • All meals mentioned
  • • All Transports mentioned including the local train rides
  • • All accommodation mentioned
  • • Trip Leader/Guides: Professional English speaking tour guide
  • • Airport transfers
  • • Staff meals, accommodation, and other expenses where applicable.
  • • Entrance fees: Entry fees to museums, concerts, monasteries, national parks, and road charges for tourists, staff, and vehicles are also included.
  • • Others: Company support letter to apply for Mongolian visas.


  • • Airport taxes and excess baggage charges
  • • Alcoholic beverages and special diets
  • • Inoculations and personal insurances
  • • International flights and cost of visas
  • • Optional tours and extensions
  • • Personal expenses i.e. telephone calls, laundry, email, fax, room services.
  • • Personal items and sleeping bags if camping
  • • Single room supplement and sleeping bags
  • • Tips and gratuities
  • • Video recording or photography fees at sights

Our most asked questions and answers

Can I bring my own bow and arrow on your tour?

Yes, you can definitely bring your own bow and arrows. At the same time, there is also a big interest in buying Mongol Bows, costing between 200-3000 USD. Arrow can be found 5-10 USD in each.

Do I need my own bow for this tour?

Yes. Bring your own bow. If you need another one, please book it ahead with us.

Can I buy a horse archery bow and arrow in Mongolia? /How much would it cost?/

There is also a big interest in buying Mongol Bows, costing between 200-3000 USD. Arrow can be found 5-10 USD in each.

I will not be learning horse archery, but I want to travel with my friends/family? What can I do?

Please ask for more offers from our office. We will offer you other activities in the same region with horse archery tours such as horse riding, hiking, visiting local families, other sightseeing, and more.

If I want to participate in the small tournament in Ulziit, how do I apply?

You need to write down, whether you will be willing to take a tournament or competition. We will have a local horse archer to train with us who will help us to work with Mongolian horses and other things.

Will I be using Mongolian saddles for the horse archery?

No. We will be using western-like saddles.

I can't ride a horse, would I be able to participate in the trip and learn from the basics?

For beginners, we will give detailed instructions to ride a horse, you will learn horse riding from the beginning. There are training shooting from horses but there are also shooting training from the ground too. You could take any of these activities until you feel confident. Then our trainer and you will decide together whether you will participate in the tournament later on our tour.

Tour Map

Trip information and facts

  • 1200 USD
  • 1-12
  • Local vehicle, Local train
  • Hotel and ger stay near family
  • Moderately high
  • Autumn / for the competition/
  • For training
  • Two local rides to and from Dulaan Town