Spiritual and Shaman Tour Mongolia 2024

Embark on a life-changing spiritual journey and traverse the vast Steppe, journeying through the untamed forests of Siberia and the Northern regions of Mongolia. Delve deep into the secluded wilderness, where special tribes still maintain a profound connection with nature. Our Spiritual Shaman Tour of Mongolia will take you on a remote trail to stay with the nomadic Dukha reindeer herders and learn from the fragile culture of  Tsaatan or Dukha, while residing in their traditional teepee dwellings.

Experience the healing of your body and soul while enjoying the hospitality of a shaman’s home deep in the Darkhad depression area. Witness a shamanic ritual that will aid you on your spiritual journey and receive a special blessing from a shaman in Taiga. Find clarity through meditation and body exercises in the breathtaking nature of Mongolia.

This unique and unforgettable experience will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Join us on this Spiritual Shaman Tour Mongolia and be a part of a journey that will transform you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our successful projects, check out “The Horse Boy” documentary released in 2009. It tells the story of the spiritual journey of an autistic boy and his family, who joined us at Nomadic Trails for a body and soul healing experience.

Create your own trails with Nomadic Trails!

E-mail us at: SpiritualTours@nomadictrails.com

Tel: WhatsApp: +976 99040894 contact Tulga


Meet face-to-face with a Mongolian shaman.

Heal your body and soul while enjoying the hospitality of a shaman.

Witness and be part of a traditional shamanic ritual.

Ride small Mongolian horses to the Taiga forest.

Witness the beautiful natural scenery of the southern edge of Siberia.

Be inspired and gain power while meditating in the untouched wilderness.

Visit the stunning Khuvsgul Lake, one of the most popular destinations in the Northern region of Mongolia.

Enjoy the hospitality of a local family.

Witness the everyday life of a nomad Reindeer herder Tribe.

Charge your “wind horse” that is equal to your soul!

Enjoy dishes prepared by a professional expedition cook.

Stay overnight in a tee-pee and ger, traditional dwellings.


Day-1 Ulaanbaatar City

Day-2 Ulaanbaatar – Murun Town – Ujig River Valley

Day-3 Ujig River Valley – Ulaan Uul Town

Day-4 Ulaan Uul Town – Khogorog River Valley

Day-5 Khogorog River Valley – Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp

Day-6 Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp

Day-7 Taiga / Reindeer Tribe Camp – Sharga River Valley

Day-8 Khogorog River Valley – Guniin Gol River Valley

Day-9 Guniin Gol River Valley – Ujig River Valley

Day-10 Khuvsgul Lake

Day-11 Khuvsgul Lake/ Murun- Ulaanbaatar

Day-12 Departure



This day is the day you will arrive by your international transport to Mongolia. After lunch, we will explore the main square of Ulaanbaatar city

An authentic folk concert is available in the evening. So after a leisurely evening of traditional arts and performances, we will welcome you to Mongolia and have a Welcome dinner. Hotel /L,D/

Note: The schedule for this day is heavily dependent on your arrival time.


This morning we transfer you to the airport for your one-hour domestic flight from the capital to Murun town, located north of Ulaanbaatar city.

After landing, you will be welcomed by the Nomadic Trails team. After that, you will make a short visit to the town and its supermarket for some snacks and refreshments. It is also a good time to get offerings, such as rice or milk, for the “Ovoo” we will visit during our journey the next day. On this day we will also collect border permission, as we will be very close to the Mongolian and Russian borders.

Most importantly, this day will be your first day camping out in the wilderness. Our first camp will be in the area of the Ujig river valley, depending on insects closer or away from the river itself. Tented camping /B,L,D/


After an exciting first day in the wild, we continue driving off-road northward.  These parts are endless mountainous areas and valleys, so you can drink in the stunning scenery while we pass by.

Our journey today leads you via two mountain passes and passed a local town called Ulaan Uul. At one of the passes, there are 13 “Ovoo”. At this shamanic offering place, we offer the offerings we have gotten from the previous day at Murun town and wish for a good journey.

Driving further we will be in the Darkhad Depression, rich with 300 lakes and big rivers. We set our mountain camping site for the night. Tented camping /B,L,D/


Continuing through the beautiful Darkhad depression this day we will visit our shaman’s home in Hogorog River Valley a 4-5 hour drive away from our camping site. You get to meet face-to-face with the shaman and get to know him, enjoying his company and hospitality.
We will be staying overnight in a ger – traditional Mongolian dwelling, built by the shaman near his own home where he lives with his family and livestock. Guest ger. /B,L,D/


After having a brief instruction on riding Mongolian horses, you will get acquainted with your own horse before it is time to set off. Start riding towards Taiga, the region where parts of the Tsaachin communities live. You will be introduced to the amazing world of the reindeer-herding people (Tsaachin).

Due to the road conditions, we cannot use vehicles to reach the area. We transport luggage and food supplies by separately prepared horses. Horse riding today is approx. 4-5 hours. Shamanic Ritual. Tee-pee /B,L,D/


Spend the next day staying amongst the Tsaachin people and experience their everyday life. Learn of their unique traditions such as milking reindeer and processing milk products like cheese.
Spend time talking with the local people and understanding their local culture and how they have managed to maintain such a traditional way of life for so long. Our shaman will take us to a special place to do a blessing for us.  Take in the beauty of the larch forest and wildflower patches. Be inspired and gain power while meditating in the untouched wilderness. Tee-pee/B,L,D/


After breakfast, we ride through the mountains and arrive back at the big river Khogorog. Your mind will be swirling with the incredibly rare experience you have just had over the past few days. We will drive out to a beautiful tented camping spot on the bank of the river.   /B,L,D/


After early morning breakfast, we part with the shaman and start our drive through the Darkhad Depression to Tsagaan Nuur town, the most northern town of Mongolia. Then we continue driving to the Guniin gol river valley. Basically, this day is concentrated on driving and enjoying the view. Tented camping /B,L,D/


Slow day to reach the Ujig River Valley for our offering ceremony, according to our shaman’s advice. Tented camping.


On this beautiful day, we say goodbye to our cook and crew. Then we head to Khuvsgul, blue pearl lake and transfer to ger camp. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mongolia called Blue Pearl by locals. Free time. Lunch and dinner at ger camp.

Ger camp/B,L,D/


Early start with breakfast and drive to Murun town to take an internal flight to Ulaanbaatar. We transfer to the hotel and free afternoon with some souvenir shopping and more. With a farewell dinner, we conclude our journey to Mongolia. Hotel/B,L,D/


We will transfer you to your international departure.


what's included


Expedition Food - restaurant tent of Nomadic Trails


Expedition Food - restaurant tent of Nomadic Trails

Tour reviews and testimonials

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Best company ever! Planning a trip to Mongolia? Then I advise you to contact Nomadic Trails, a company who takes care of you from arriving till leaving Ulaanbaatar.

Very professional guiding in what you ever could want. Horse driving, driving trough landscapes, hiking, … it is organised on the most comfortable way as possible.

A Trip with Tulga is more than amazing. He knows every corner of his country and loves to share every aspect of it. He has a large contact list and is very welcome in every community. And wherever you put your tent, you will be astonished of the beauty of the scenery.

With Nomadic Trails it is easy going travelling because they take care of everything you ever could need on your trip.

So planning a trip to Mongolia? Don’t forget to contact Nomadic Trails. They will propose an itinirary on your level and expectations so it will be a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

I visited Mongolia 3 times now and planning to go next year again, offcourse with Tulga and his crew.

Ancestor Bridge Team
Custom Spiritual Tour
This summer myself and some dear friends traveled with Nomadic Trails for two consecutive journeys through Mongolia. We didn’t know quite what to expect, but the love, kindness, patience,

and caliber of care that Tulga, Naraa, and the Nomadic Trails family who supported our journeys was truly wonderful.
We were quite dynamic and also very unique in our wants and needs, but this was met with great patience and support. The food was wonderful (thank you Pujee and Saruul)! And the crew and drivers worked tirelessly and often so jovially to support us and keep us safe.
I think what touched me most deeply is the connection they each have to their homeland and people- we often stopped along the way to make offerings which was so important to our group… and it was a part of their lives in a beautiful, integral way that taught us so much. They also took care to pick up trash along the way and at Ovoos and shared great care and love to the land and animals.
And, the true and respectful relationships Tulga has cultivated with those who hosted and held us along the way, especially in the Taiga, was very touching. They have taken great care and time in cultivating these connections and upholding sacredness and honoring, being sure that the people are supported too, and it is felt. And the sacred places they led us within their culture and nature were truly so special. I would love/be grateful for the honor to travel with them again and I couldn’t imagine being in Mongolia without them!
Thank you, Nomadic Trails, so much for accommodating us, guiding us, welcoming us, and caring for us so thoroughly and so lovingly. It was such an honor to be with you all. It is a precious gift I will carry in my heart forever.

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
An unforgettable experience… I hired Nomadic Trails to curate a private trip with four of us up to East Taiga and back down again last summer (July 2017). Our journey was remarkable, from start to finish.

We developed such tight bonds with the staff who caravanned with us that all of us talk about going back over and over again.
The food was extraordinary, which was something we definitely did not expect, given how far away from civilization we were meant to be for most of the trip, and I can still taste the wonton soup and smell the campfire from our night spent on a ridge overlooking the mountains a few hundred miles north of Murun.
I recommend this group to everyone I know going to Mongolia, and when I go back, I will be definitely reaching out to Tulga and his crew to handle everything.

Bilyana C
Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Highest level of professionalism! Mongolia surpasses my expectations! We where traveling in a group of women on the Feminine pilgrimage into sacredness of Mongolia.

We had a wonderful guide Tulga fluent in English and looking after every detail as well as arranging unforgettable visits with Mongolian families to horse riding to taiga.
We took a road trip without roads from Ulaanbaatar to the taiga visiting the nomadic people who lives with a reindeers. Amazing sceneries that any photos cannot fully describe! It was amazing! We really got a first hand appreciation of the nomadic way of life and a chance to see incredible Mongolian scenery as well as herds of reindeers, horses, yaks, sheep and goats.
And not only about the drive to the countryside, the culture, the food and the gers, but also about the people we met. During our journey into deep countryside into a wilderness, our guides the Nomadic trails team settled beautiful lunch tables on open air, sometimes near to beautiful river, sometimes in a highlands, or woods.
And food was amazing! We felt safe, happy and nourished! They was patient and helpful throughout our trip. I’m so happy and grateful to Nomadic trails for having one of the best journeys in my life!

Emmy Wu
Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
For a close-up experience, check out the Tour video footage of Emmy’s “here“. A HUGE thank you to Tulga and his team who lead our shamanic pilgrimage to the East Taiga. We were a larger group,

so the logistics of traveling was already potentially more complex. Every day, Tulga and his team showed up with a smile, and was very knowledgeable and thoughtful in accommodating to our needs while showing us the most breath-taking scenery and local cultures. We’re forever grateful for the Nomadic Trails team and our life-changing journey.

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Three times I have been to Mongolia and three times I have travelled with the very professional team of Nomadic Trails. It was pure magic! Tulga, the gentle CEO,

is very proud of his country and he showed us very nice sceneries, he took us to families living in gers where we shared songs and snacks! Other times whe were welcomed by a family and asked to share their meal and even their ger where we could spend the night.
When crossing the country, we would always stop in the evening at the most wounderful places to spend the night. It’s unbelievable how Tulga is able to find his way without Satnav!!!!
So we could admire the marvellous landscapes, enjoy the absolute stillness, dream into the amazing sky covered with millions of stars.
And in the morning we were welcomed by Pudge, a very good cook, whose meals are realy delicious and colorful. Nice table, nice chairs in an open air eating tent: *****.
The careful drivers who took us through the country are very friendly and helpful. There was always one of them helping for the setup of my tent. I’m not fluent in Mongolian(!), but no words are needed with this friendly people!
They always stay good tempered even when the roads are soaked and hard to cross. The complete team keeps joking and laughing.
Thanks to the people of Nomadic Trails and their perfect organization I have had a wounderful experience and I still have enjoyable memories….
I’ll go back!

Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Absolutely the Best Tour Guide ever in Mongolia! I have done my first trip in this beautiful country with them and everything was perfect! It was not just a trip

but a real intense experience of this amazing place!
I want to thanks all of the Nomadic Trails Staff for the amazing experience! Thanks thanks thanks! Nomadic Trails is the best to travel in Mongolia!

Kayla C
Private Spiritual Shaman Tour
My experience with Nomadic Trails was amazing. They took such good care of the four of us. I was blown away by the organization of our entire trip and the lengths they took to make sure we were well taken care of.

The meals they prepared for us were far better than anything I ever make myself at home. We were kept warm, fed and safe.

The Mongolian outback is rugged to say the least and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen and our drivers navigated through it all seamlessly. Of course there were setbacks like getting stuck in the mud a few times and needing to reroute due to landscape issues, but it was all part of the adventure.

Our tour leader, Khulan, was absolutely amazing and remains a friend of mine to this day. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They did such a good job of showing us their country and exposing us to their culture. It was an experience I will never forget.

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
I went to Mongolia with a group of women this summer under the care of Nomadic Trails. we were on an unconventional journey, and Tulga and his team

made sure to help us in a way that was aligned with our intentions for the trip. i felt very cared for and supported by the whole team. their flexibility and strong guidance were in perfect balance.
and it was really fun! we danced and laughed enough memories to carry me through life. Nomadic Trails feels like family to me now. their connection to the local people and lands were inspiring and completely heartfelt. the food that was prepared in the wilds was exceptionally amazing. the places we went to were extraordinarily beautiful.
i would not go on a spiritual journey to Northern Mongolia with anyone else!

Michel S
Private Spiritual Shaman Tour
A one of a kind journey! I’ve traveled all over the world and have rarely if ever experienced a guide service as thorough, attentive, and capable as Nomadic Trails.

Tulga is truly one of a kind. We used Nomadic trails for a one month trip across Mongolia as show in the feature documentary “The Horse Boy.”
I’m not exaggerating when I say that the trip, the incredible experience, the magic – none of it would have been possible without Tulga and his guides.
One thing we didn’t fully show in the film is the friendship that developed between the family, the film crew, and Tulga and his son. He went out of his way to make our vision come to life and was one step ahead of us in every detail of the planning and execution. His passion for Mongolian culture is unparalleled as is his dedication to making your experience one that you will never forget!

Private Group Spiritual Shaman Tour
Amazing experience traveling through northern Mongolia. This August I went on two trips back to back with Nomadic Trails and both were breathtakingly beautiful, unique experiences.

Traveling through Mongolia with them has been an experience to last a lifetime. Both crews from Nomadic Trails were so kind and fun to travel with. We learned so much about the Mongolian people and culture as we traveled through some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. To say we had fun is an understatement.
Most importantly, to see the relationships that Tulga and his group have with the different shamans, Dukha tribe and monks was really heartwarming to witness. It is clear that they treat everyone like family and that is such an unique way to travel through a foreign land.
If I ever come back to Mongolia I will absolutely travel with them. Both of the groups that we traveled with through Mongolia were different and the team at Nomadic Trails were so flexible and supportive to our needs.


Ulaanbaatar winter Snowing scenery
Ulaan Uul village - town North of Mongolia
Ulaan Uul Town
Horse riding to Dukha tribe in Northern Mongolia
Dukha Tsaatan Tribe Summer Camp
Dukha Reindeer Herders Tour Autumn view with Tee-pee
Dukha Reindeer Tribe Autumn Camp
Murun town of Northern Mongolia
Murun town
frozen Khuvsgul Lake 2022
Khuvsgul Lake
Gandan Main Monastery Janraisig deity by Sandra Henri
Gandan Monastery
Stunning scenery of Darkhad Depression
Darkhad Depression
Sandra Henri with Nomadic Trails Khogorog river home stay
Khogorog river valley
Reindeer-Summer Mongolian Reindeer Herders tour
Mongolian Taiga

Packing tips, and horse riding equipment:

Bring good quality riding boots, rain jackets, riding gloves, and windproof jackets among others. No need to bring a saddle or bridles. Because we provide comfortable western-type saddles, horses are taken good care of by our horse guide.

You can also bring the following for your own comfort and usage:

  1. Your own helmet (we do offer them in case our travellers do not bring theirs).

  2. Small-sized saddle bag for a water bottle and other accessories.

  3. Saddle pads

There are mosquitoes near rivers or lakes in the evenings in the Northern parts of Mongolia. Therefore, a mosquito spray, which is very effective, is highly advised.

Horse riding and riding time for this Spiritual Shaman tour in Mongolia:

We have successfully organized our horse riding to the Taiga with travellers who have never ridden a horse before. Don’t worry, you will have full detailed instructions from your Tour Leader on how to ride a horse, how to sit on the saddle, hold the reins, and more.
All of our team members are trained in First aid, so we are capable of giving you first aid and taking you to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. But as the ground is mossy and soft and you follow the instructions from your horse guide, there is a very small chance of you getting injured.

There are of course horse-riding time limits per day. Each day will be a bit different from another, depending on the local weather. A broad estimate for your expectation would be anything from 2-8 hours including breaks and meal stops. There will be activities where we stop at local herdsmen or sightseeing that still counted in as riding hours.

Don’t want to ride a horse but still wish to travel with your group?

A wide variety of choices will be open to you should you choose to pass on horse riding while your friends or group mates go horse riding. For example, our destinations allow activities such as fishing, photo shooting, and hiking through the mountains. You only need to contact us.

Want to travel with your children?

If you are confident that you can ride a horse well, you can ride with your child. Even if you cannot, we can hire an extra local horse guide to lead your child safely to one of our destinations at the Taiga reindeer people.

Tented trip food:

Our professional expedition chef will be preparing both Mongolian and European cuisine for you. Depending on the itinerary of the day for example with lengthy driving, we will also be eating a packed lunch. Please don’t forget to write in our passenger list about your dietary requirements and allergies.
We will be providing you with mineral water, tea, and brewed coffee, but soda and juice will not be provided.

Reindeer-related information:

Reindeer produce very little milk, so you cannot purchase it. But not to worry, you can still drink reindeer milk tea made by a local reindeer family. Some families with many reindeer sell cheese, so when you meet such families you can ask them to buy some.

After we ask the owner first, we can also ride a reindeer for a short amount of time.

Domestic local flight:

The baggage allowance for a domestic flight in Mongolia is 15 kg in total: 10kg for check-in luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. For extra luggage, you pay 3000-5000 Tugriks (local currency) per extra kilogram.

Tour Guide and Leader:

Certified English-speaking experienced Tour Leaders and Tour guides will be your friend and close partner for the duration of the trip and even after your departure. All Nomadic Trails team members have been trained personally by Nomadic Trails experts and the Mongolian Professional Tour Guide Association.

Extra tips:

In the mornings, if you get up early, you can go on a walk, meditate, do some yoga or even read books.
During our drives, you will see stunning landscapes and visit hospitable nomadic families who are happy to share their dairy products such as fermented milk with guests. You will get to taste extraordinary cheese made from reindeer milk at the Taiga as well as get to know reindeer families. You will witness the stunning view of mountains of unique formations, serene lakes, and lively rivers. Sipping wine near a bonfire in the evenings, sharing memorable moments from our trip, and observing the starry sky is indeed a moment one can simply enjoy.

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