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All tours offered by Nomadic Trails have an adventure element. However, only on our Adventure Tours Mongolia, you will find an abundance of these elements included in only one tour itinerary.

Our most popular adventure elements include horse-riding, Mongolian traditional archery, hiking and trekking in the stunning natural scenery of Mongolia, tented camping in the wilderness, and many others.

From all adventure elements, horse riding is the most significant element in Mongolia. To clarify, it is one of the best ways you can explore and discover our beautiful country on an intimate level. Therefore on our Adventure Tours, you will find yourself riding through meadows and rivers on a small but sturdy Mongolian horse.

Tented camping on Adventure tours in Mongolia

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Adventure Tour

Featured Winter Reindeer Tour 2021

Winter Reindeer Tour 2021 is a one-time special offer to you and your loved ones to make unforgettable Christmas and holiday memories in the stunning winter scenery of Northern Mongolia.
Adventure Tour

Mongolian Mounted Archery Lessons

Learn horse riding, Mongolian archery from the foundation level and combine these practices into traditional Mongolian horse archery on this adventure tour.
Adventure Tour

Spiritual Journey - Shaman Tour Mongolia

A life-changing spiritual journey to the Mongolian wilderness. Heal your body and soul while enjoying the hospitality of a Mongolian shaman.
Adventure Tour

Horse Riding Tour Mongolia

Riding your trusted steeds through beautiful Northern Mongolia and visit the secluded Reindeer Tribe of Mongolia during this 15-day Horse Riding adventure tour.
Adventure Tour

Dukha Mongolia Reindeer Herders Tour

Escape to remote destinations and enrich your memories with unforgettable moments among the nomadic reindeer herding culture of Tsaatan.


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