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Nomadic Trails experts design our tours and itineraries specifically to suit the ever-changing conditions of nature, road conditions, and weather of Mongolia. This leads to versatile tours and itineraries rich with experiences like no other. Certainly, easily adjustable for a Photography Tour Mongolia.

On Photography Tour Mongolia, you will be provided with the best photographic opportunities and sought out destinations by photographers. In other words, a journey off the beaten track to Mongolia’s most wonderful places and photographic locations to capture on your camera.

Most importantly, photographically knowledgeable Tour Leaders or Guides of Nomadic Trails will guide you on your adventure of our Photography tour in Mongolia.

Client at Eagle Festival with Mongolian eagle hunters

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Cultural Tour Mongolia

Nomadic Reindeer Herders - Dukha Winter Adventure

This Winter journey to visit the Reindeer People Mongolia offers both comfortable traveling conditions as well as an adventure of a lifetime. Unravel history…
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Eagle Festival Mongolia 2022 - Altai town

This local Golden Eagle Festival in September 15-16, 2021 and 2022 is perfect for an up-close experience with both the locals and the tournaments.
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Khuvsgul lake & Mongolian Gobi tour

Highlights of this Gobi and Khuvsgul lake tour are the many natural wonders of both Gobi and Taiga and the ancient capital of Mongols, Kharkhorin.
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Tailor Made Tour Mongolia

Our travel experts will help create an exceptional journey according to your vision. With 18 years of experience, the Nomadic Trails team will carefully plan
Adventure Tour Mongolia

Dukha Mongolia Reindeer Herders Tour

Experience the hospitality and the nomadic culture of the Dukha Mongolian Reindeer Herders at the secluded Taiga in Northern Mongolia.
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Main Golden Eagle Festival Tour 2022 - Ulgii town

Find out 2021 Golden Eagle Festival dates, locations and the best offered itinerary. It is one of the must see festivals organized in Asia.